Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 13

     Life is pretty great here in Hungary right now! I have also discovered
where the English keyboard button is at on this keyboard so now I can
hopefully type a little faster! I just got done doing "Greeny training" at
the mission home with the APs and the mission president and his wife with
Cathcart Elder. It was good to see him after a few weeks! I was really
happy to be able to talk to him and see how things have gone! We went and
got our residency cards then went to Subway with the mission secretary
missionaries for lunch, it was so DANG good! I had some American food!
(also, sorry if my spelling is bad, spell check is only in Hungarian here
and I am only capable at spelling now for the most part in Hungarian...
     Now, let's talk about some of the most amazing experiences this week
in Hungary. There is always a ton, and I honestly never know where to start
and to begin to tell you all. But I am thinking I will just start. So we
ran into this old dude who let us in and started talking about how much he
loves Jesus. Which was good I guess, we thought we could work with that!
But then he complimented me on my Hungarian and told me I could learn
faster. I naturally asked how. hahaha, then he said you basically get a
Hungarian girlfriend. Me not knowing that much, I said “igen”, which means yes!
But my comp started laughing and I asked him to repeat it then I heard what
he said and quickly fixed it! Woo, hahah. So along with some crazy experiences, we
run into a lot of interesting people. It’s not always too bad but sometimes we decided to ask people about the gospel another time:) hahahaha.
     Now this week we have one baptism which my comp will be doing with one
of our investigators! I cannot wait, he is such a great guy and has
improved so much! After the baptism he invited us to his house with some of
the other elders for a quick lunch and to learn to cook Hungarian! So
SWEET!! The next Saturday we have another baptism which I am currently
unsure who will do what, but I cannot wait to see what will happen! He also
is improving.
     Yesterday we visited this family who is so incredible! They are so
nice and loving, and they gave us 4 palacsintas each(4 Hungarian pancakes)
and they were so good! Then the people here really like caffeine, so we had
coke to go with it. They are super loving, and super kind. I hope that they
continue to improve in the gospel. I think they will.
     We also met a man who was baptized 12 years ago and went inactive 10
years ago. We ran into him when we were tracting. It was good, because he
invited us in and spoke only English being from America. It was
interesting, he is a psychologist guy and also likes the Buddhist religion. He
met Mike Tyson and was a boxing judge and coach. And also, this guy is
incredible, he said he would look up health related programs for us to use
on our mission. I cannot wait! Oh, and he said we would make Peanut
Butter!! There is no peanut butter in Hungary, people! That is like the
worst thing, no P.B. and J. Just honey that we found in the apartment. That
is all. Hahahaha.
     So the guy on the other side of my cubicle is laughing and saying
"seriously" all the time in Hungarian.. Just funny!!! Hahahaha
      Oh, and people here find it hard we don't, won't, never have or will
drink coffee, smoke, or break the law of chastity. It is like, come on
people!!!! Our message can help! And it is, helping so many people. Last
year I guess the baptisms for the year was 100. Not bad right, I mean it is
Europe. Well, this year we are at 172 ish. Ya, we can hit 200!! I hope, it
will be close. All well. Well I love you all! Have a great week! READ the
BOM!!! It is so good!

Nikolsz Elder

Week 12

I probably will not be typing a lot this week because once again the
keyboard is super sketchy. But I will try and I hope that I can get the
point across too. So far, I have been super grateful for the many things
that have happened in my life and grateful for the opportunity to serve
here in Hungary with some of the best missionaries and people in the whole
world. I am loving it to death and I hope to be able to stay here long
enough to make a difference. But that is one thing that I have learned on
my mission. That every little second counts. When you meet someone on
the street, you have one little moment to change their lives. I don't
know about you, but I really don't want to mess that up. That is why it is
so important to be able to be worthy of having the spirit with us on a
mission at all times. You never know when you will need it, or when there
might be a life changing event that pops up out of nowhere.
Today I was actually able to go to visit hero square again and actually
visit an old castle here too. There is a motto that I would like to start
living by on my mission. That is, "tracting is always the best on P day." I
would completely agree with this, because this last week was hard for us.
We had programs but not as many as we would like. So when today we had
someone let us in who seemed somewhat interested, it really made our day. I
am loving when we can get let in and be able to share the message of the
gospel into this people's life, it is absolutely vital. I have seen the
Lord help us already in the two weeks I have been here.
Last week for example.
My comp always asks where would I like to tract or street. And it is hard
because I do not know a lot of places to go!! So I usually just say the
places I know. But last week I chose an apartment complex and here in
Hungary you have to call from the door outside to get let in the building.
So I tried, and the first person I called let us in!!! We went to their
door and a lady in her 30's answered the door. We asked her a few questions
and then she started crying. Her question was, "Why do the best people in
life die?" This was the opportunity we had prayed for. And immediately we
started to testify. We gave her our number because she had people over, and
a small pamphlet about God's plan for us. I pray she calls. But little
miracles like that are happening all over the place in Hungary.
The weather here is a little cold. Today I had to go buy a beanie and a
scarf from Tesco, basically like the Walmart in Hungary. So that was nice.
The time is flying by here, I hope it is there too. I hope things are going
great! Every day I think of home, and I hope you are all doing good.
Szeretlek titatek,
Nikolsz Elder