Saturday, October 19, 2013


Dear Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I just say that this week was probably the most frustrating, the most difficult, and probably... no it WAS the BEST week as well!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok so let's start at the beginning.  Last Thursday we got to teach in TRC again. And we had the same guy as the week before! I absolutely loved it because we got to have a really nice conversation with him and understood and participated in it!!  I know that I could not have done that all by myself. When we ended that 20 minutes with him, we came out into the hall and talked to our teacher. He always asks how we can improve. And...well we decided that we talked really well, but we didn't teach any lesson or principle to him. So...we decided we needed to do that next time. We went back in the room and taught him one more time. And that time, I felt the spirit and he did too. I think that was a turning point, that let me know that I really can improve in the language, and that I really am blessed to be learning in the MTC, where I can feel the spirit everyday.  
    There are always those lessons where you just get super frustrated, and you know that your investigator is not feeling it. But!!! Fortunately this week, that was not why I got down a bit. The lessons we taught this week were so strong and powerful. I don't even remember what I said coming out of one of the lessons! It is incredible how if we make a plan and study the language, the scriptures and the principle then go into the lesson and really follow the spirit, you almost ALWAYS change your plan and teach, WITH the spirit as your guide. It is a truly incredible experience and it makes all the hard days ten times better.
    The frustrating thing to me this week was struggling making a lesson plan together. A lot of the time we are super determined that our lesson plan is better than the other comps and that is not always the case. I really try to listen to them, and it does help a lot so it hasn't been that bad this week. I have found that through praying for them, and through loving them unfeigned that my day, their day, our teaching, everything goes a lot oh a lot better. I just love it.
    So...Sunday, we had a devotional where we went to the chapel here on Wyview campus and watched a broadcast from Richard I Heaton. The Director of the MTC. It was good I thought. And then here comes the way fun news! So that .night we were given a service card by an employee telling us that we had service on a Sunday night at 9...Ya we thought it was dumb too. But we went and watched our Sunday night movie which happened to be about when Elder Holland came to the MTC awhile back.  It was so good, I was taking so many notes! Then, it came time to go do service. So we picked up our stuff and as we walked out of the door of the cafeteria (where the movie was held) it was pouring, and when I say pouring, I mean pouring rain!! NO JACKET, NO UMBRELLA. Probably the most wet I have ever been. Then our whole zone ran through the rain, got to where we were supposed to meet for service and the entire room was black, and empty. No one was there. So then we ran in the rain AGAIN to the main office. They said that we needed to come back another day. right. So we then had to run all the way back to our residence. It was a run, let me tell you. I am so out of shape on the mission!!!! But along with hating it in the moment, as soon as we sat down, it was so much fun to talk about it!! I think of it like this...I have two years to make the best movie anyone  has ever seen and heard about. I am writing the script everyday. And God has a huge influence on the script, but some days he likes to have a little fun with us:)
    So, Tuesday finally rolls around and guess what?  We rode the bus to main campus and got to sing in the choir there. Yes I am one of the fifteen high tenors in a choir with over 500 people.  Ya...we hit some dang high notes.,. But it was fun nevertheless. So we walk in and sit down and of course I look around for people that I may know. I casually said hi to the person behind me, then took a second look...IT WAS PARKER SAMUEL HOWELL!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I love that elder! It was so nice to talk to him for the longest time.  I was surprised that he was singing in the tenor section...but whatever:) 
    The awesomeness of that night doesn't end there. We were broadcast live that night to all the MTC's worldwide because Dallin H. Oaks spoke to us. One of the most incredible talks I have ever heard from him. When his wife got up to speak first, she told us to pray for her husband right now before he speaks. So of course I'm like, well I pray for my companion while we teach, so that makes sense. As soon as I bowed my head, I mean that instant..Wow, I was filled with the spirit. I couldn't move, I couldn't think, I was just overcome with it!!  And that really made the talk ten times more spiritual for me and he answered many questions I had!!!
    So this leads us to Wednesday. If I have not mentioned this earlier, I am sorry. But the Finnish we are here with in our zone, ya they leave on Monday.  So we got new Finnish!!!! They are so young, and innocent. I can't wait to teach and be a zone leader (oh ya I was made a zone leader on Sunday) to them and set an example. I really am so HAPPY!!!!!!
    Now today, the temple was good of course. I really enjoy going there and feeling the spirit. It is nice to not have to worry about speaking Hungarian in the temple. The grounds are so beautiful. But really, I love the view you have from there. You can see Utah Lake, and the football field (which by the way is basically across the street from where I live right now!!!) So I can hear some of the game from the announcer...not like I try or anything;) No really, but some take it way too far when that happens and go to as close as they can get on the campus, sit down, and listen. That's when its like you're just stupid. I don't say that, well, maybe not in English;) Haha, no I love it here and God really does play a huge role here and in the mission field and in LIFE!!!
    Love you all, I love hearing from you all the time!!
 Szia,   Nichols Elder


Week 6 Pictures

 Ya, I love Elder Howell!!!
 5 men who all went to high school together. From left to right. Cameron Chester going to Brazil. A.J. Halling going to Boston. Anthony Enniss going to Denmark. Parker Howell going to Argentina. Me going ... somewhere ;)
 The view from the temple this morning!
So this is us, like 2 hours ago. We basically got really bored and started taking pictures. So I set the timer and this is what happened!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week 5

Why Szia everyone!!!
    How are things going at home?? I hope all of you who read this will write me and let me know how you really are doing and what has been going on at home. I miss home a lot and there still hasn't been one day where I haven't thought about the people, my family, my friends, random things!! But I can testify that since I have been out in the work of the Lord, I have seen many great and important things happen in my life. And little miracles. So now, I will start to describe my last week and those little miracles that have occurred!!
So! Last Thursday I got a haircut and it looks mighty fine if I do say so myself!! I talked both of my comps into getting the same length of hair, so we all basically look the same, it's fun! Then we taught TRC, so that random investigator who is usually a returned missionary speaking Hungarian. It is extremely hard because they usually already have a solid grasp on the gospel, so we usually just try to point out how their mission was very powerful and how sometimes when we're in the real world, we lose track of that. So we try to get them to commit to studying more and making time for it, and it has worked every time for us.
Friday, hmm... Well Friday and Saturday are always pretty lame around the MTC. Minus the part that it was conference this last Saturday!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was told by my teachers, to only write down what the Spirit directs me to write. And basically, I filled out like 20 pages in my journal. It was go good, by far the most meaningful conference to me. I could relate almost every talk to me someway and being on a mission, I really really really like Edward Dube's talk. It was so good, I encourage you all to read it again and put yourselves on the missionary train, and start finding ways you too can be better and look forward and what work there is still for everyone to do. Sunday was also a very good day at the MTC. So for conference, all of us west campus people wake up early in the morning and have to be in our seats 30 minutes early. Then we watch conference in the most uncomfortable chairs. Then go and eat at the cafeteria which is huge! But when there are a few thousand missionaries in there, it's extremely hard to move, let alone get food. Through all the grief of being on main campus, I am so grateful that I am where I am. Then Sunday night, for our devotional, we had Vocal Point come and sing and perform and also share some of their thoughts on their missions. It was so strong, and the last member of the crew to bear his testimony, really hit me strongly. He was a greenie in his mission, just got there that day. And his comp was having a hard time. His comp was there a year and a half. Then for some reason, he thought of a scripture about repentance. Turns out, the elder had not repented of past sins. And this event led to him feeling better and finishing his mission worthy and feeling that worthiness from the Lord.
    I could go through all the days, but none really stick out to me. So here are some experiences I had though. Cathcart Elder and I teach Hungarian almost every day to our teachers, and they pretend to be investigators in Hungary. So it's frustrating almost every day. But at least once a week we feel the spirit so strongly. And the words from our mouths just flow and when I get lost, he picks up right where I left off. And same with him. I know that God has a lot of say in what is being taught, actually he has all the say. I know this because we have prepared lesson after lesson on what we think the person needs to hear. Then we go in there, and somehow we end up following the spirit and it leads us to a completely different topic. But I know that the investigators can tell the difference, and I know that I can. Teaching with the spirit, having the spirit in our lives is so necessary and important.
    So this week I will be reading in the Book of Alma about missionary work. I am reading Alma 17 through 25. I invite all of you to read this with me and share insights you receive with me.
I miss you all, love you all. Oh and my eye is getting better slowly, but it is!! So that's a relief. And the Finnish elders and sisters all started their consecration week today. So they can't speak English until next Thursday. I am still losing a little weight. Not much. But I eat all the time, so I don't know. Life is great, miss you.

Nichols Elder

 At conference with my comps!!!
 I don't know why, but this tree smells like cream soda :)
This is during TALL, and interactive program to speak and listen to Hungarian

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week 4

Why Hello Hello!!!
     The MTC recently has been really good. This last week was one of the most, no, probably the most spiritual experiences I have ever had in my life. But I'm going to go day by day to describe my experience. So first thing first!!! Last Thursday me and Cathcart Elder got to teach TRC (training resource center). So what happens is a member, usually returned missionaries come and speak all Hungarian to us and no English. It is really neat experience because they never really slow down. It is also really frustrating because you really have no clue what they're saying and then they start laughing or something... ya... But it is good. And we flowed pretty well with our teaching that night. Friday came and went. Nothing really happened that was too crazy. I specifically remember Friday was the hardest day of the week. Mainly because I started to get sick. I got the sniffles and a sore throat. It was rough the last week trying to get over this. But today I think it is mostly gone. I'm still a little stuffy but for the most part I feel extremely good!!! On last Saturday we didn't really do anything too exciting. Sunday though!!! Sunday was amazing!! First it was our first fast Sunday since we have been here. It was neat because we started the day with a Mission Conference. Mission Conference is basically like MTC Conference. We all meet in the Chapel, cafeteria, and main campus to hear from a member of the seventy and from our MTC presidency. It is really neat. And 2 whole hours. So most of the missionaries dozed off, I am happy to say. I was only out like 2 or 3 minutes :) That night, we had our usual Sunday devotional. This time we had the Provo Temple President come and talk to us. He really based most of his talk on the women of this church. And the importance of respecting a woman. And how God, wants us to respect women as much as possible. I know that the importance of women is indescribable. And after he went on about women, he then got into our quiet time. Quiet time is time to ponder on what has happened that day. And I really have started doing this with more purpose and more meaning. And it makes all the difference in the world to get down on your knees and thank God for all that has happened in your day and much much more.
     Monday rolls around!!! The days are still going good. But on Monday morning, I woke up with a lovely still growth like thing under my left eye. It kinda bugged me. But I put it off and said oh whatever, it's not going to get in the way of my teaching and learning here at the MTC. I got letters. On Monday, we do not have a family night or anything like it. It's just another night to plan and get ready for the next day. Tuesday was really good as well!!! Tuesday we were able to teach in Hungarian again (well everyday we teach in Hungarian), but Cathcart Elder and I have been a lot more unified and Tuesday's lesson was an example of that.I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve with him and cannot wait for the 5 weeks to come here at the MTC. The Tuesday night devotional we were invited to attend at the main campus. So we all walked up the main campus. It was funny though because the bus asked if we wanted a ride, and we said we wanted to walk. Then one of the sister missionaries in our zone got on the bus and it drove away. So basically we lost one of the missionaries in our zone. I thought it was funny and just a learning experience. That IS why we are at the MTC, to learn to not make those mistakes in the field. The devotional last night was really good as well. It was given by David S. Baxter of the seventy. He focused on how "Christian" we really are. And all the things that we do, and how we don't have faith on a cross, but on our people. I really liked that. Later that night we met with President Anderson (our branch president) and we had a devotional review. Everyone in our zone shared their thoughts and bore testimony of what had been said. But then, Pres. Anderson got up and gave his remarks (for those of you who do not know him, aka... all of YOU!!! He is a man of God). He started off by saying, "the only thing empty in our religion, is the tomb." Wow... Then he went on and bore strong testimony of the things which had been shared. I love that man, and he loves us. I know that.
   Wednesday was crazy. One, while me and Cathcart Elder taught our lesson in Hungarian, the words just seemed to come out of my mouth!!! I struggled early on in the lesson. But by the end! You could definitely feel the spirit in there, and Cathcart Elder and I just flowed and filled in the gaps for each other. If I didn't have a word to say, he would say something. And it worked the other way around as well. I felt the spirit so strong in those lessons. I love being able to feel the spirit as much as I am while I am here at the MTC. I am grateful for my teachers, zone, and comps. You can really tell that all of us have strong leadership qualities and there are reasons we are all going to Finland, Estonia, and my country of Hungary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wednesday night is also clean up night. Our inspectors (MTC workers) come and inspect the cleanness of our apartment. I hate these nights, but it was good and I think we will pass this time!! (We didn't pass last week.....) But yeah :):)
Oh today. Well today we went to the temple, and guess what!!! WE DID MORE INITIATORIES!!! That really seems to be all we do on a P day. But it's good because then we went to main campus to have my eye checked. It's nothing bad but a small growth on the bottom of my eyelid. They said to take Cephalexin to reduce the growth and then apply heat to my eye about 5 minutes a day through a wet wash rag. Easy enough right? ;)  We also did service today and we made a ton of beds in a new apartment. It was fun and we are all... well.... we talked more than we worked. But it's fun and we still did a lot!!! We sing all the time too!!! Basically, I love the youth music on :)
   We are not going anywhere for conference, just walking up to main campus all day both days to watch. No one is singing in conference either... bummer. The language is really coming. I am more and more satisfied almost everyday.!!! How is the blog going Madre?!?! I hear you are trying to figure out how to use it.. Well... Amanda can help you with that :) Mark... oh my dear Mark. I hope you get well soon dude!! Get your butt in the mission field, it is so worth it. My testimony, my learning, my skills, All of this has increased drastically!!! We also heard recently that my comps and I may be moved to main campus in November. That is not good!!!!!!!! I love it here, and I would rather not group shower..... :) Some of the things we work on as a companionship is memorizing scriptures almost every week and reciting them. Then setting new and improved goals. It is going really well with that!!! Well, I have a haircut to get to. My hair is getting a little long. And it's free here, so I might as well take advantage of that!!! Don't worry Mom, it won't be cut TOO short ;)
   I love you all, and miss each one of you
Szeretem Neketek (I love you all)
Nichols Elder

 The last night at the Marriott Center, it was a blast :)
 The sunrise from our apartment
 Look who came to the MTC, he still has his dork dot! haha
 Teaching Cathcart Elder (aka Novak Djokovic) to shave ;) he looks just like him!
 Rehearsing a new piece for sacrament in a couple weeks!! :)
Got to see Elder Ericcson the moment before he left for Russia!!!