Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week 5

Why Szia everyone!!!
    How are things going at home?? I hope all of you who read this will write me and let me know how you really are doing and what has been going on at home. I miss home a lot and there still hasn't been one day where I haven't thought about the people, my family, my friends, random things!! But I can testify that since I have been out in the work of the Lord, I have seen many great and important things happen in my life. And little miracles. So now, I will start to describe my last week and those little miracles that have occurred!!
So! Last Thursday I got a haircut and it looks mighty fine if I do say so myself!! I talked both of my comps into getting the same length of hair, so we all basically look the same, it's fun! Then we taught TRC, so that random investigator who is usually a returned missionary speaking Hungarian. It is extremely hard because they usually already have a solid grasp on the gospel, so we usually just try to point out how their mission was very powerful and how sometimes when we're in the real world, we lose track of that. So we try to get them to commit to studying more and making time for it, and it has worked every time for us.
Friday, hmm... Well Friday and Saturday are always pretty lame around the MTC. Minus the part that it was conference this last Saturday!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was told by my teachers, to only write down what the Spirit directs me to write. And basically, I filled out like 20 pages in my journal. It was go good, by far the most meaningful conference to me. I could relate almost every talk to me someway and being on a mission, I really really really like Edward Dube's talk. It was so good, I encourage you all to read it again and put yourselves on the missionary train, and start finding ways you too can be better and look forward and what work there is still for everyone to do. Sunday was also a very good day at the MTC. So for conference, all of us west campus people wake up early in the morning and have to be in our seats 30 minutes early. Then we watch conference in the most uncomfortable chairs. Then go and eat at the cafeteria which is huge! But when there are a few thousand missionaries in there, it's extremely hard to move, let alone get food. Through all the grief of being on main campus, I am so grateful that I am where I am. Then Sunday night, for our devotional, we had Vocal Point come and sing and perform and also share some of their thoughts on their missions. It was so strong, and the last member of the crew to bear his testimony, really hit me strongly. He was a greenie in his mission, just got there that day. And his comp was having a hard time. His comp was there a year and a half. Then for some reason, he thought of a scripture about repentance. Turns out, the elder had not repented of past sins. And this event led to him feeling better and finishing his mission worthy and feeling that worthiness from the Lord.
    I could go through all the days, but none really stick out to me. So here are some experiences I had though. Cathcart Elder and I teach Hungarian almost every day to our teachers, and they pretend to be investigators in Hungary. So it's frustrating almost every day. But at least once a week we feel the spirit so strongly. And the words from our mouths just flow and when I get lost, he picks up right where I left off. And same with him. I know that God has a lot of say in what is being taught, actually he has all the say. I know this because we have prepared lesson after lesson on what we think the person needs to hear. Then we go in there, and somehow we end up following the spirit and it leads us to a completely different topic. But I know that the investigators can tell the difference, and I know that I can. Teaching with the spirit, having the spirit in our lives is so necessary and important.
    So this week I will be reading in the Book of Alma about missionary work. I am reading Alma 17 through 25. I invite all of you to read this with me and share insights you receive with me.
I miss you all, love you all. Oh and my eye is getting better slowly, but it is!! So that's a relief. And the Finnish elders and sisters all started their consecration week today. So they can't speak English until next Thursday. I am still losing a little weight. Not much. But I eat all the time, so I don't know. Life is great, miss you.

Nichols Elder

 At conference with my comps!!!
 I don't know why, but this tree smells like cream soda :)
This is during TALL, and interactive program to speak and listen to Hungarian

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