Saturday, October 19, 2013


Dear Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I just say that this week was probably the most frustrating, the most difficult, and probably... no it WAS the BEST week as well!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok so let's start at the beginning.  Last Thursday we got to teach in TRC again. And we had the same guy as the week before! I absolutely loved it because we got to have a really nice conversation with him and understood and participated in it!!  I know that I could not have done that all by myself. When we ended that 20 minutes with him, we came out into the hall and talked to our teacher. He always asks how we can improve. And...well we decided that we talked really well, but we didn't teach any lesson or principle to him. So...we decided we needed to do that next time. We went back in the room and taught him one more time. And that time, I felt the spirit and he did too. I think that was a turning point, that let me know that I really can improve in the language, and that I really am blessed to be learning in the MTC, where I can feel the spirit everyday.  
    There are always those lessons where you just get super frustrated, and you know that your investigator is not feeling it. But!!! Fortunately this week, that was not why I got down a bit. The lessons we taught this week were so strong and powerful. I don't even remember what I said coming out of one of the lessons! It is incredible how if we make a plan and study the language, the scriptures and the principle then go into the lesson and really follow the spirit, you almost ALWAYS change your plan and teach, WITH the spirit as your guide. It is a truly incredible experience and it makes all the hard days ten times better.
    The frustrating thing to me this week was struggling making a lesson plan together. A lot of the time we are super determined that our lesson plan is better than the other comps and that is not always the case. I really try to listen to them, and it does help a lot so it hasn't been that bad this week. I have found that through praying for them, and through loving them unfeigned that my day, their day, our teaching, everything goes a lot oh a lot better. I just love it.
    So...Sunday, we had a devotional where we went to the chapel here on Wyview campus and watched a broadcast from Richard I Heaton. The Director of the MTC. It was good I thought. And then here comes the way fun news! So that .night we were given a service card by an employee telling us that we had service on a Sunday night at 9...Ya we thought it was dumb too. But we went and watched our Sunday night movie which happened to be about when Elder Holland came to the MTC awhile back.  It was so good, I was taking so many notes! Then, it came time to go do service. So we picked up our stuff and as we walked out of the door of the cafeteria (where the movie was held) it was pouring, and when I say pouring, I mean pouring rain!! NO JACKET, NO UMBRELLA. Probably the most wet I have ever been. Then our whole zone ran through the rain, got to where we were supposed to meet for service and the entire room was black, and empty. No one was there. So then we ran in the rain AGAIN to the main office. They said that we needed to come back another day. right. So we then had to run all the way back to our residence. It was a run, let me tell you. I am so out of shape on the mission!!!! But along with hating it in the moment, as soon as we sat down, it was so much fun to talk about it!! I think of it like this...I have two years to make the best movie anyone  has ever seen and heard about. I am writing the script everyday. And God has a huge influence on the script, but some days he likes to have a little fun with us:)
    So, Tuesday finally rolls around and guess what?  We rode the bus to main campus and got to sing in the choir there. Yes I am one of the fifteen high tenors in a choir with over 500 people.  Ya...we hit some dang high notes.,. But it was fun nevertheless. So we walk in and sit down and of course I look around for people that I may know. I casually said hi to the person behind me, then took a second look...IT WAS PARKER SAMUEL HOWELL!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I love that elder! It was so nice to talk to him for the longest time.  I was surprised that he was singing in the tenor section...but whatever:) 
    The awesomeness of that night doesn't end there. We were broadcast live that night to all the MTC's worldwide because Dallin H. Oaks spoke to us. One of the most incredible talks I have ever heard from him. When his wife got up to speak first, she told us to pray for her husband right now before he speaks. So of course I'm like, well I pray for my companion while we teach, so that makes sense. As soon as I bowed my head, I mean that instant..Wow, I was filled with the spirit. I couldn't move, I couldn't think, I was just overcome with it!!  And that really made the talk ten times more spiritual for me and he answered many questions I had!!!
    So this leads us to Wednesday. If I have not mentioned this earlier, I am sorry. But the Finnish we are here with in our zone, ya they leave on Monday.  So we got new Finnish!!!! They are so young, and innocent. I can't wait to teach and be a zone leader (oh ya I was made a zone leader on Sunday) to them and set an example. I really am so HAPPY!!!!!!
    Now today, the temple was good of course. I really enjoy going there and feeling the spirit. It is nice to not have to worry about speaking Hungarian in the temple. The grounds are so beautiful. But really, I love the view you have from there. You can see Utah Lake, and the football field (which by the way is basically across the street from where I live right now!!!) So I can hear some of the game from the announcer...not like I try or anything;) No really, but some take it way too far when that happens and go to as close as they can get on the campus, sit down, and listen. That's when its like you're just stupid. I don't say that, well, maybe not in English;) Haha, no I love it here and God really does play a huge role here and in the mission field and in LIFE!!!
    Love you all, I love hearing from you all the time!!
 Szia,   Nichols Elder


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