Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week 7

Szia Everyone!!!

     How is everyone doing? P.S., this is where you write me back and say, it's just fantastic Nichols Elder!! So now that I got the point that I love receiving letters from you all and hinted you all to write me more, I will start talking about this week. This week has been mind blowing! I am so grateful for all the blessings and miracles I was able to witness this week!! The gospel is so true and I know it, oh how I know it.

     So to start I want to talk about last thursday, which was the most spiritual day since I have been here. The TRC last week went well. We ended up teaching one returned missionary and his wife who did not understand what we were saying the whole time. And then a neni(grandma) who was Hungarian came in and she was so nice and her accent was incredible, so basically I was trying to say what she said the rest of the night(if you could imagine me trying to make words sound like an old lady...). Then as usual, Marcus, our favorite TRC investigator came. We taught him and followed up and all. He really had to think about the questions we asked, and you could just feel the spirit from him. After every TRC we always get reviews from the people that we taught at TRC telling us what they felt, what they liked and what they think they can do better. Well, for the first time ever. We had our investigator, Marcus, write on the paper, that he could tell we cared for him. And that really made my night. The rest of the night I couldn't stop thinking about that and how when we care for our investigators the lessons and material we want them to learn just goes smoother. They can feel that this is important to us and when they see that, that opens up the opportunity for the spirit to touch their hearts. Now if that wasn't enough! As we were packing up our gear from the classroom, one of my companions wasn't feeling too good. He basically told us wanted a blessing when we got back to the apartment. I told him to think about who he wanted to give it and when we arrived back, he asked me. I was happy to. Now for those who do not know this, this was my first blessing I have ever given. And I was shaking and way nervous. So I reviewed how to give a blessing in the "white bible"(missionary handbook) and then put my hands on his head. As soon as I did that, I received and overwhelming feeling of love and comfort. In my head I remembered, open your mouth and God will put the words there. So that's what I did, and I cannot tell you anything I said. It just happened, but! After it happened, I looked at my companions and you could tell that we all just felt the same thing. The spirit was so strong in our apartment that night and we could feel it. So strong.

     So Sunday I was put in as an official zone leader and got to sit on the stand and stuff with my comps. It was kinda cool:) It was also a really sad day, because all of the "old" finnish that we have been with for the past 6 weeks were leaving early the next morning. It was crazy, and super sad. But all the new missionaries have a glowing light about them and I love to see that. I have gotten to know them better and I look forward to the next 2 and a half weeks with them til we leave. Monday morning, we woke up at 4 and said goodbye to all our old fins, it was so sad and hard. But I know they are doing well now.

     So the rest of the week was pretty basic in the MTC, minus the part that we move to main in 4 days. Tuesday we have to be packed up and moved into our new home. They are making this whole campus Spanish. And I have seen Jared Barton and Parker Howell since being here. It has been super nice.

      And today!!! So we went to the temple with the new fins, and they all loved it. But we waited for them so we could show them where to go on main campus to get travel stuff done. After we showed them where, they all left back to West campus. We stayed because Vanem Sorensen wasn't feeling too good. So we were there an hour, then  they sent us to go get x-rays. Which was down the street at the byu med place. Then walked all the way back to the campus. To find out we needed to go get a prescription, then walked all the way back to the byu med place. And after that we were able to come back home:) It's been a long day already, but I hope yours will be good!!! I miss you all and think about you often! Can you believe it has almost been 2 months!! In a couple weeks!!! Mind blowing!!!

Szia, Nichols Elder

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