Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week 8 Pictures

Me and Jared Barton, it was nice to see him as well!!! And I just noticed, I usually don't eat with my jacket on, that is why in every pic so far I am not wearing a suit because it is in the cafeteria.

one of my fav's. We were waiting for the new finnish on Sunday to go a our sunday walk. And this is what we ended up doing:)

 This is during our Sunday Walk. It was such a nice day!!!
 I turned on Super vivid mode on my camera to catch all of the colors:) I am wearing my awesome glasses that change to sunglasses. I just like this pic, I don't know why:) I look like I am preaching;)

So this is probably really hard to see. But there's me and my comps climbing the MTC (mountain to climb or missionary training center) Then we cross the river of our countries. And then we climb the mountain of life.... So all of it is English, then some Estonian. The only thing Hungarian is Magyaroszag and Esztorszag

This was today, when we had to wait in the MTC main campus doctor's office for Vanem Sorensen. We found this bottle game. There is two holes in the stick. there are two bolts, two washers, and two nuts in the bottle. You have to get the bolts in the holes and fastened on. Without taking any of it out of the bottle. It took forever, but I got it:) I signed the stick to prove it!!!
Nathan Goins and I!!! He is doing good, actually he is in Washington now. Haha

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