Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week 9

Hey all!!!

     So where to start oh where to start. Let's start with TRC last Thursday night. So Marcus came again and it was so cool to get to see him again! I feel like our relationship with him just continues to grow and to grow! He continues to keep commitments and continues to share those experiences he has with us! He is a great returned missionary, husband, and father. I have found a love for our investigators this week that is quite indescribable!! I just don't know how to describe it!!! Oh wait I just said that. hahaha, but anyways that leads into the longest week of my life I feel like. 

     So Friday during gym I was just playing some good ol volleyball as usual and it was so fun and so dang good that day! Everybody would try and hit the ball at least 3 times before sending it over the net. It was going good and then out of nowhere my knee started to hurt a little bit. But I continued to play on and it gradually got worse. By the end of gym, I could not straighten my knee and it got a little bit swollen. So I ended up hobbling around on it for like 2 days. Saturday night comes and I was like, ok. I leave to Hungary in a week, I need to make sure that there is nothing wrong with me before I go. So turns out the doctor was closed on Saturday. So the front desk called him for me and he said just to take 600mg of Ibuprofen 3x's a day. Simple enough. So I did like the doc ordered me and Sunday morning my knee felt really quite well. Sunday we were able to walk to the temple being at main campus. It was so pretty and I took a ton of pictures. I was so happy and the day was quite cold, but still beautiful. My knee started hurting during the walk up to the temple, but not too bad still. Ever since then my knee has just been a little in pain.

     Turns out on Monday, the doctor followed up with my phone call and he made an appointment for me. So that made me miss my class in the morning on Monday. That appointment led to us going and getting x-rays and then coming back to just find out nothing was wrong. He told me  not to play or run at gym on it. haha, well I totally did and it was so fun! I didn't really even notice it when I was playing, and Tuesday it just continued to improve. Wednesday the doc randomly called me in again for a check up and asked how it was. I told him it was doing much better and was probably like 85% back to full strength. He didn't like that answer. He set me up for an MRI appointment today. Go figure. Now... let's talk about today!

     Thursday, woke up and went to the temple for the last time for probably 2 years. Super sad and I miss it. But I will be ok:) Took a lot of pictures there too:) haha, then returned and started the never ending journey today. So Cathcart Elder came with me all day, oh how I love him. Vanem Sorensen wanted to stay here and go to class and do P day stuff, I don't blame him. (this is why I am emailing late tonight, this is the first chance I have gotten to email.) We caught a ride from a MTC shuttle driver(van driver) and went to Riverwoods Imaging center. My appt. was for 1:40. Yeah, of course we were there 30 minutes early, and we didn't get in for a hour and a half. So when I finally got in, they had me change out of my clothes and remove all the metal. We walked into this huge room, and left Cathcart Elder in the other room. I laid on the table, they secured my knee. And then, the longest half hour of my life started. The machine was constantly buzzing and was really annoying. I got the biggest headache from it being way loud!!! After that was finally over, couldn't move while I was in it and all that jazz, we returned. We ate dinner, and went to the doctor. He said he would meet up with me tomorrow. So, I am missing part of my infield orientation tomorrow to finally and hopefully get a  result on this beautiful injury:) ah:) ya that's like all. Sunday was way good, testimony meeting was incredible. It has all been for the prepartion of leaving to Hungary. I miss you all, and I pray for you:) Read the Book of Mormon(the good book) and use it! 

     Oh, and I leave at 5:05 a.m Monday morning and my flight leaves at like 9:45 a.m. After that, we should land in Amsterdam, Netherlands at around 11:30 p.m. here. 3 hour wait. Then fly a couple to Buda. I will be there around 5 or 6 a.m here:)

Nichols Elder

First Day at main campus in our tiny little room;)

So we are freezing in this picture. So if you look too close at our faces, they just don't seem happy. I blame it on my cheeks being frozen stiff:)

Here is a beautiful little temple flower. Oh, so cute:)

So this is today! Our last day at the temple. Still cold, so I decided not to smile that much:)

 Here is when the Provo temple was dedicated:)
Ya I am on the floor. I just wanted to:) but this is the back side of the Provo temple today. This is me and my comps, and the new finnish! We have gotten to know them and love them.

I was standing a little close to a sister. So I stepped back;)

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