Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 8

Sziastok Everyone!!!!

   How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing just great, I know I have been. But here is the weird information for this week. So along with moving to main campus on Monday, I have also received a new mail box that I will be using for the next week and a half.

Nichols Elder

Nov 11 Hun-Bud

2023 N. 900 E. Unit 306

Provo, UT 84602

     I would love to receive letters and stuff from you all. All the stuff that was sent to my old address will hopefully be forwarded here. So that is why I have not written everyone a whole lot this week. I will try to use some of my time today to write back to everyone. So... How to put this. Main campus is alright. Yup, that's all I have to say about this campus. That, and the keyboard on this computer is so messed up. The shift key is hard as a rock, so if I have an accidental lowercase somewhere, please forgive me. 

     But, last weeks TRC, well it was just an interesting one to say the least. So Neni and Marcus showed up again(Neni is grandma) and we taught them. We had a super good conversation with them at the beginning, everyone was laughing and participating. Then we said an opening prayer and started going into the revelation through church doctrine. So we asked Marcus how he felt about that on his mission. We heard what we expected but it was neat to hear about his experiences in Hungary. Then we heard from Neni. And she, no joke, spoke for the next 40 minutes in Hungarian about her conversion story. It was so unneeded but it's whatever. It was cool to hear about, minus the part we were supposed to be practicing teaching not listening. But I liked it!!! The weekend went well, Sunday was our last real day at the West Campus. It was sad saying goodbye to Parker Howell, and Jared Barton. But I'll see them in two I guess. Then all of our food that we had. Which was a ton I might add, we gave to Parker and his companions. They basically love us now:)

     So main campus. The rooms are smaller than a whole apartment obviously!!! But, we are making do with what we have.  Now trying to run around and figure stuff out is the fun part. Like today for instance. Today is the start of my consecration week with my companions. And it is killing me already. I think it is quite funny how Vanem Sorensen doesn't understand us though and we're talking up a storm. But I think he will get irritated with us quite soon. He made a rule not to speak any English with each other. NONE. So, it is going ok right now. Cathcart Elder and I are enjoying this though. We just talk all the time. Minus right now, when I promise you this is the quietest time of the whole week. When all you hear are computers and keyboards just trying to fly at the speed of light while the operators(us) try to type as fast as we can. hahahaha, I think it is funny.

     Spiritual Experiences this week. Good question. I think that this week was so good!! I felt the spirit quite a bit, but Tuesday night we had our devotional, sang "Be Still My Soul" in choir and then listened to Carlos A. Godoy. He shared his conversion story with us and it was so funny!! He kept us laughing so much, he just made you want to sit forward in your seat and pay attention. And he kept it at a level that the missionaries could understand. I got a lot out of that talk. We received new missionaries last night. It was definitely interesting, because I was told by one of my comps that I talk too much. Which isn't hard to believe because I like talking to people. So naturally I sat there, and tried not to do too much. But everyone just sat there!! I was like "What the Crap!!!!!" The MTC should be fun, so I made it fun. We got talking, and talking, and laughing. But when the time was running out, I still had time to bear testimony and get serious. I feel like even though I did not stay quiet like I was told to do so, I learned a lesson. Sometimes, I need to be more focused, and now that I am trying to do that, I am grateful that Elder said that. 

     I am grateful for all of you, I pray for you. I miss you. I have one more P-Day in the MTC. So I am naturally excited for that. Miss you all, love you.

 Nichols Elder


Oh, read the Book of Mormon. It is TRUE. I bear simple testimony to you that if you will apply it and really use it. It will guide you.


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