Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 3

    Well... It's official. My life in the MTC is super tough. Last week I had the opportunity with my companion, Cathcart Elder, to teach our first lesson to an investigator in hungarian. Like zoinks!!!! I was super nervous. As we taught, it was not as flowy as when we taught ricsi (our first English investigator) in English. We struggled and we didn't know how to ask "may we come in" or "we need to go, when can we schedule our next visit with you!!??" Ya... Probably pretty important to learn how to say those things when you are in a lesson.
     The teaching continues, and we have now taught 4 lessons in Hungarian, which by the way has to be ten times harder than Finnish because I have learned more Finnish listening to the elders in my zone than I have Hungarian!! And they sound nothing alike. We have determined that Estonian and Finnish have a lot of words that are similar. And then there is us Hungarian elders. Ya... It's hard.
     We also had our first SYL(speak your language) day... Last Friday we tried to go throughout the day only speaking our language. It was especially hard for me because I love talking to people. I couldn't figure out how to say what I wanted to in English in Hungarian. But yesterday, oh yesterday. Yesterday Cathcart Elder and I gave a lesson to Erik (an investigator). He was literally falling asleep the whole time and it was frustrating because I didn't know enough to keep him awake. Then we couldn't feel the spirit at all. After the lesson, we came out of the room, sat at our desks, and thought. How can we change what just happened and make it better. We set a lot of new goals that we are trying to meet each time we teach now and I hope it goes ten times better than what happened yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST DADDY IN THE WORLD!!!! YOU DA BOMB!!!
    On Sunday we were able to attend church in the chapel this time instead of being crammed into a little room, which was nice. The way they do it here, you run through the beginning, and then do the sacrament. And right after they are done passing the sacrament, the Branch Presidency stands up and announces which one of us is speaking. So we have to prepare a talk every Sunday so that we are prepared and don't sound way silly. After church we went to choir. Oh choir, we may be a lot of young strong voices, but they are not NEAR the pitch that we should be hitting. haha, I think it is quite funny and I end up usually laughing and smiling all of choir practice. We attended our last choir and devotional at the Marriott Center on Tuesday. They are not letting us go back on Tuesday night devotionals because guess what... Basketball is here finally!!! That last devotional on Tuesday was by far the best talk I have ever heard. I heard so many things that I needed to hear, and it directly related to me as a missionary. Don R. Clark of the seventy is who spoke and he had some cool quotes that really stuck out to me. One of them being, "Don't teach with your head, teach with your heart." or "the work is not for all of you, some will become MISSIONARIES, some will never fully understand that word."
     Gym time!!! Gym time is the best time of the day by far! Because we can "unwind" not "unravel" and be who we are! It was so much fun the past few days because I have been playing a lot of beach volleyball and there is one elder, our zone leader, Vanhin Call. He is so much fun to play with, and me and him get along really well. Then yesterday it was pouring rain and it was freezing cold. But we chose to stick it out and play basketball. Our hands were numb and we were soaking wet, but that's what made it fun. Since we had no traction on the street we couldn't play competitively at all. So it was more of a joke and just goofing off and laughing about every... oh... I'd say 5 seconds:) We go to the temple every Thursday with our zone, and it is the best experience. My companionship have decided to do inititories both weeks we have had the chance. Because Cathcart Elder has had to go to main campus to get immunization stuff since he is from Ireland. So yeah. But service is every Thursday and it is way fun!! We cleaned the laundry mat today! yeah... not fun. But we made it fun as we sang songs and worked. So apparently it snowed in the mountains? I saw snow this morning! I think that about covers it. Oh wait!!
      Tudom hogy, ha olvasnád a szentirás. Tudni fogsz az evangélium igaz. És, olvasnunk kell a mormon kőnyve sok mert a mormon kőnyve segithatunk. tudom hogy, tudom hogy.
      Szeretem téged sok
Nichols Elder"

Here's a photo update!

Here is my name tag!!!
 Thanks to Brandon Nichols, I now have 26 ties to choose from each day :)
 These are some of the Finnish elders dropping by for a pic! Vahin Call is the one in the orange, he's pretty cool :)
First time at the temple last week!! :)
Here is the travel center at the MTC, and our famous 'where we are going' pose... :)

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