Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 15

Hey family, like how are things going over there? Tell me about the life all my amazing friends, I would love to know how things are going and what has been happening? Now, let me talk about today and what we have been doing and what we did this last week! It was so dang good!!! We found so many people who would listen to us!

     So, here in the 14th district in Pest we have been assigned by our bishop to search out and find those who are recent converts and less actives! It is such a neat experience!!! I am seeing it change lives everywhere!!! We find out that some people do not leave because they want to, but because of work, they just cannot make it. So we have found like three amazing people from doing that work, and they are so much fun and we love meeting with them! Now, here is the miracle of the week. We tracted this huge 11 story building and after we had done over 140 doors, we finally got  to the end and there was 2 doors left, we tried the next door and some guy answered. We told him we were doing a survey and he started to answer our questions. At the end he asked if we were Mormon, we were like yeah!!! So then he asked about the book of Mormon, and what is it! So we instantly started to work on it!  We shared all the info we could and then he said he would read it and call us after he is done!! So sweet!

     Now today, unfortunately mom... I spent like 90 bucks on the card...We went shopping in a street of booths, and I looked for what I could buy the fam and stuff, but then we went to a mall... I found a gorgeous grey jacket and it was a good price! So I got it... Now I promise that was my Christmas gift from Europe. hahahaha.

     Well love you all, and I will write next week sometime!!


Nikolsz Elder

Our Christmas tree that my companion's nice sister sent to us!!!!
The Christmas tree that me and Christiansen decorated for the ward Christmas party that was last Saturday!!! It was so much fun and it was mostly investigators! That made it ten times better!

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