Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 18

Szia Everyone!!!

     Hey, so it is week 18 on my mission and "life could not be better!" I hope my family caught onto that quote from Book of Mormon stories we have. It is a great musical... I sing it all the time...;) hahahaha. But this last week really has been pretty amazing. We have been meeting with one of the recent converts more this week and he is a young guy. He is super cool, and super fun! We have been teaching him about the new member lessons. He likes them it seems like and we love meeting with him! We also picked up a couple of new investigators from English class this week. They came brand new and started asking questions about the church and so we naturally invited them to church and one of them actually came! That was a bonus and we set up to see that person next week! Wahoo!

     We also have been working super hard to find people to teach. We have tracted and streeted basically the entire transfer. And so after getting a lot of "maybe" people, we went back to their houses, called their phones, and tried to set up with some of them. And one of them was super nice and she wanted us to come back and strengthen her faith. That was a super cool meeting because she knows a lot about the bible and she was super accepting of the book of Mormon! So we will meet with her a couple more times hopefully this week!

     I also would like to include what we do on P day now. Since my dad asked me to write more about what is going on, I will try. But really it is hard I promise! Hahaha, but on all P days we have to work for at least 3 hours, then we can "party". hahaha, but today we went to an American store that had a ton of American food! But yeah it was all way expensive. So I bought an A and W cream soda and a Hershey’s cookies and cream bar. Ya, that was super good! The food and sugar difference is incredible. Like the food here is not near as sugary or crazy hahaha. Then we went shopping for Elder Erickson who needed a side bag with it being the new year and we cannot use backpacks anymore. Now we are emailing, in a much nicer emailing place we found. There is even a little timer in the corner that says how much time we have left! It is so cool!

     Nothing else really happened, I feel like I am understanding people a lot better, but speaking is still hard. Hahaha, but that is ok. I am trying and that is all that matters. In time, and in practice. But there is one thing that I would like to talk about this week, and that is the importance of reading the Book of Mormon. It is so cool! I learn something new every day that I read from it, and I always want to read more! A lot of people say, " I want to make sure this is right before I get baptized or join a church." we then ask if they have been reading the Book of Mormon and they say no not really. That is so Important!!! It is vital to changing a person and bringing them closer in relationship with God. Well, love you all!

Sok Szeretettel,

Nichols Elder

Christensen and Erickson at a giant crown we found last week! 
This is probably the most gorgeous picture I have taken of Parliament! 
This tree we found was sooo big!!! 
This is a nice picture that I took. I'm really enjoying the super vivid mode on my camera 
Look at what we bought today!!!

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