Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 17

Hey Family!! And Friends!!
     So I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas! Really! Here in Pest it was pretty sweet. We were able to open presents together, just me and my comp in our apartment that morning. Then we went to the church where we played volleyball with the other elders in our district for the next like 6 hours... Yeah, you could say that I was super sore after that for like the next few days hahahaha. Yeah, Christensen and I did not do like a ton for Christmas. We just hung out and lived with each other ya know?;) So that leads into our amazing skype session with our families! Wow, that was so amazing! I am so grateful to see my family 2 times in a year, I mean that is better than never! And it was so much fun, that was probably some of the most fun I have had since I have been on my mission!
     From that skyping session, my dad said that I needed to write more in these letters. Well... Dad. It is hard but I will try super hard to include more! It is just that for the most part we tract until we hurt from standing, then we walk and street people, then we call them on our phone. So everyday is for the most part the same. But this last week was super fun! Because! With the holidays, we tracted a ton. Because no one really wanted to meet with the holidays. So we worked, and worked, and worked! Then on Saturday, we were able to go out to eat with one of the members in our ward! That was nice, so we went to Chinese. It was so delicious, and then here is the best part. That member lost their tooth while eating! The food was not hard, it just fell out!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha, yeah, that was funny. Then they came to sport night and had it fixed and played with us that night. It was also fun.
     We are also eating at that same chinese restaurant probably like 3 times a week because it is so cheap and so filling!!! And the people there are way nice! So yeah, life could not be better:)
      Now, this is just something that was way cool that happened. While we were streeting, my comp said I could choose who to street. So I told him, We will find the first girl and then we will set up a meeting with her and get her number! He said ok! So we went out, and then the first girl we saw, we stopped and I talked to her! She was totally ok with meeting and talking about the church and our families and stuff! So we made a date with her for a program and that was just one example of the work. Sometimes, it is hard to remember to work, and to continue to work when so many people deny the message that you are trying to share with them. But, as we work harder, and work through the hard things, the Lord blesses us. I know this, I have experienced this. I am starting to now realize that before my mission, I was so ungrateful, and I have a lot to improve on. I hope that I come back a whole new, better person. I love my family so much. I think about you all everyday and there is rarely a minute where I do not. But, I am still focusing on the work, and like Elder Pilcher would say from our home ward in Bluffdale. "Live it, love it, share it, follow it." That is the truth. I am here in Hungary right now living it. loving it. sharing it with everyone I can, and following the Lord where he will guide me. This is the greatest time in my life. I love it, miss you all!!!
Nichols Elder

When we cut our hair right before Christmas! Ya, it was pretty hard and fun!!

Me and Aldridge Elder dressed up as the big man himself! Ya, that was a fun day. It was Zone Conference in Buda. We did a white elephant exchange and I got Hungarian peppers. Haha, but it was fun!

Our Christmas presents for Christmas morning!!!

We found a little snow! So we had to go party in it!

Here is Elder Erickson throwing a snowball at me, and right when I was taking a picture of him! So, it worked out. Hahahahahaha!
Our view from where we were emailing the families on Christmas !! IT was a gorgeous night.

We got invited to go to a sweet concert! It was so Hungarian. It was mostly Hungarian, then some English songs like route 66. Then German. Ya the German lady was fun to listen to! hahahahahahaha

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