Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 14


     So I am so sorry for not emailing sooner than I did. I would have totally emailed yesterday if I could have, but as you can see, my p day was moved to today hahaha. Now, let me explain why it is today. So apparently there are mini transfers in the mission, and those happen on the months when no new missionaries come into the mission field. For example, this month. So, they move p day to the Tuesday so that we know whether we need to buy groceries or not or whatever. So big surprise, I am still with Elder Christensen!! And I am loving this guy! He is absolutely incredible and we cannot wait to spend our Christmas together here in Pest.

     Now, the work here in Pest. It is going, oh it is going! We had a baptism this last week and it was absolutely incredible! I cannot wait to have another one next month and maybe another couple in months to come! Recently we have been having ok success with tracting. We have had a lot of people "dog" us, that is when they just stop coming, and so these last couple of weeks we have been tracting for sometimes like 8 hours. Non stop. We eat lunch at 1030, and we get home at like 7. Oh it is wonderful! But those are the most exhausting days, but also the best! Now, here is one of the miracles we have seen this last week.

     We had someone "dog" us for a program at the church, and so naturally we waited just in case they were still coming and just late. But, the person ended up not coming. So then we had 30 min until our next program at the church. My comp said let us go tracting. So WE DID!! For like a whole 20 min. I honestly thought it would be super difficult to find someone who would one, let us in the building, and two even listen to us. But it happened! Got let in the building very fast, then knocked on two doors, and nothing. Then on the third, this lady answered the door immediately and let us in without us even having to ask! She accepted the Book of Mormon and then we were out of time. But she invited us back over Monday! Which we went and she made us lunch, a cake and soup! It was so good, we also got to play with her cute little boy, that was mostly my job because for the most part I could understand him:) hahaha.

     So, Judd Elder is unfortunately leaving our little group of 6 here in Pest, he is going to Miskolc to be a ZL there. That is dope. So... I do not know what else to say.

Love you all!!!
Nikolsz Elder

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