Saturday, April 5, 2014

Week 19

Hey family and friends!!!

    So what to say about this last week. Hahaha, it was quite fun and interesting actually! Ha, so let me see, what should I write about first? So we have made goals for this year in the mission. Last year we ended the mission with somewhere around 170 baptisms in the whole year, and the year before we only had 100! So that is a huge jump, almost doubled! But this year we wanted to make a catchy phrase(well the people who made the goals wanted it to be catchy). So this year the baptismal goal is
1 Mission
234 baptisms
5 zones working together in the whole mission

Yup, that is the goal for the year. 234!!!! That is a lot of baptisms. So in our district meeting last friday, we discussed how we can reach that goal as a district here in Pest. We came to the conclusion that we could get 24 baptisms this year compared to the 14 that happened last year. But in order to do that we would need to really bump up the amount of member present lessons. So that is what me and Christiensen did. We started working way hard to bump up that number! Here are a couple of good stories I would like to share that happened this week.
The first is when we met with a LARK(less active recent convert). This is the funnest dude in like all of Hungary! He is so kind and fun. I love him to death. So we met with him and we had the ward missionary leader come with us to the program. In the program, the ward missionary leader just answered his questions. They were deep questions, but it was amazing to watch and feel the spirit in that lesson. It was so strong, and I really think it made the LARK want to change, and read more and pray more. He is a good kid, he will be fine.

     The other story happened the next night. We have been meeting with someone for a long time and we invited a member to his lesson too. This member answered this guy’s one question about why it was important to be baptized again, but in this church this time. He answered the question perfectly and after that the investigator started laughing because it was funny how other church priests and preachers did not know the answer to that question. Hahahahah! So that was cool, we extended a bap date to him and he said he would pray about it, he is solid. I hope it goes well for him.
     Now let us bounce to today. What a long weird day. So today we woke up knowing that Christensen would probably be leaving tomorrow during transfers. And that I would probably stay and help my senior learn the area. I always asked if it was possible for us to be whitewashed. And he said no it does not happen unless the work is going bad. Well guess what, we got our call and we are being whitewashed! I was like what the heck! So both of us are leaving and a whole new companionship is coming in. But our work was going really well, and we talked to the Area Presidents and they said it is because there is one missionary leaving this month, and 10 coming in... So... yeah:) I am headed to Pécs!!! And Christensen is headed to Szombathely. So that will be cool! I will be receiving Elder Thomas as my new comp. I am so excited to go to one of the most beautiful cities I have heard about from here in Hungary! I will be there after a 4 hour train ride tomorrow. So... Tonight I will be packing up a storm hahaha.
     Well, I think that is all. I will see you all later! Peace!

Nichols Elder


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