Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 30

Hey friends and family!
     How are things going at home? I hope that all is well and that you are
all enjoying the weather like we are here in Hungary. The sun is shining
and the weather is holding up! We are really starting to get a lot of
tourists in Pécs right now! The city is just starting to explode with
people, it is really amazing to see. I hope because of the amounts of
people outside that we will be more successful in the missionary work here
too. Now, next week will be mini transfers. It came super fast! But I will
be emailing on next Tuesday. Just a warning for everyone. I also had
another mail run from Buda. And still no package Mom. I am sorry to say
haha. I hope it does eventually get here though. I am also sorry to say
that this last week I have had to use a little money out of the personal
funds on the card. Our reimbursements still have not come in, even today.
And all of us may have to spend a little more until we get money. I am not
too happy about that haha. Sorry! Another thing, I love getting pictures
from home! So if you all would like to send hard copies in the mail or just
over email I would be happy to get them from you!  I know your lives are
probably pretty busy and I understand. But with all of this craziness going
on right now, General Conference is on the verge! I cannot wait! I have
never been more excited for this than now! I love hearing from the leaders
of the church. They give such inspiring advice and I know that it is from
God. How lucky I am to be here in Hungary and still be able to watch it.
And! I am able to watch it in English in a small room with the other
missionaries here in Pécs! I am so blessed and so grateful for that.
     Monday: After emailing, all of us elders and sisters went to this
small restaurant called "the basement". It was super good and super cheap.
It was not super filling but not bad:) Then we ended up coming back home
and making pancakes for dinner that night. Hahahaha. Ya that was also nice
and delicious:)
     Tuesday: So we met with E today. We decided that the best thing to
teach her about would be general conference. So that is what we did. We
taught her about prophets and general conference and how much of a
wonderful opportunity it is. We invited her and we will invite her again
next time we meet with her. She is improving, just at a very slow rate. Ha.
Then we met with our new English dude, Z. He is super nice and he speaks
English like a champ. We taught the restoration to him and he had so many
questions! He just wants to know like all about our religion! We were able
to answer most of those questions though which was good. Turns out, his
mother invented some kind of teddy bear therapy. I guess it opens people up
when they are making teddy bears! How cool is that! Then we finished out
our day, but I ended it with Elder Cutler introducing me to peanut butter
on bananas.... Bad idea. I loved it. And I ate a ton. Stupid me.
     Wednesday: So for lunch today I ended up getting super hungry. So I
made a whole loaf of french toast today. Don't worry, I only ate like... 9
slices.... OH man I really have found an appetite recently hahaha! Then we
met with Z again and he gave me a free hair cut at his place in gratitude
for us helping him with English. He has been cutting hair for 7 years and
he is pretty much a pro! I have to say, I do like this hair style and it is
missionary appropriate, do not worry;) Then we ended up meeting with S. Now
with S we were planning on teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. But then it
turned into all about faith. The entire hour, and how we should act on it
and how over time faith turns into knowledge. It was a really good lesson.
I felt the spirit super strong in that lesson. I am loving teaching with
Elder Cutler. He is a great teacher and friend.
     Thursday: Today we tabled like all day. But then after that we went to
English Class and taught our class. It was super fun! We gave them a quote
of the day, some slang, some discussion topics and a bunch of new words and
phrases! They had a lot of fun, so that is good:)
     Friday: We woke up to go on our run today, but then the elders
ditched(go figure) but the sisters were there. But Sister Chamberlain was
not feeling too good, so we went on a long walk instead. Ha. Then we had
district meeting with the district. It was all about finding ideas and how
we can find people here in Pécs. It was super helpful. Then Elder Cutler
and I went tabling, and the funny thing was while we were out there, some
guy yelled at us in English "which religion is this!?" We told him the
Mormons and he is like, "why are you spreading religion? It is destroying
the world!" Ha... That was interesting.  We also met a super nice Alaskan
couple. They are here visiting their son who goes to school here. And they
are super nice and fun. Then we went and did look ups of all the past
people I have tracted into and talked to. Ya, that was just a rough night.
     Saturday: We went on a good run with the elders this morning. Then we
ended up having to teach the professional English class today because the
sisters could not make it. That was super fun because those Alaskans came
and participated and we played games and laughed. I like that class. Then I
went home and made tortillas for the first time. And guess what, they were
good! Hahaha. Then E invited us to go to a puppet show with her friend. Of
course we said yes. So we went to this puppet show for kids under 5. She
told us it should be understandable. It was for the most part. It was
definitely an interesting show. Then after we walked home and on the way
home we talked to E and her friend C about the church. That was super neat
and we will have to call her later about meeting:) Then we went to sport
night but not a lot of people showed up. But the new Ensign for April did!
So I read that for like an hour, and that was soooo good! I love reading
those now.
     Sunday: We went to church as usual, and had a couple people from the
stake speak. One was actually a returned missionary who went to Hungary on
his mission, returned home to America, and then came back out here and
married a Hungarian. Super nice guy and super nice family. The other was a
member of the stake presidency. He said something I really liked. "the
whole world knows that 1 + 1 = 2. But this church knows that  1+1= unity!"
That was a cool little phrase. It sounded ten times better in Hungarian...
     I am loving this mission. I am loving serving the Lord. I am loving
learning everyday and improving in my life. I cannot imagine what I would
do without this experience in my life. I am so blessed, and I am now in
this part of my life just realizing that. Thank you all so much for
supporting me out here. I can feel your prayers. I love you all.

Nichols Elder
"Do your best and don't worry about the rest" -Mom

After the puppet show, E took us to see an old factory that was made into an art school 
This is the pond we were at a few weeks ago. There is a concert going on to the right 
Doing dirty dishes...

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