Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 24

     So surprise! I was not able to email yesterday because I forgot to mention that tomorrow is transfers. So P day is now today as you can tell. But let me go over the last week. Ok, let us begin:)
     So last Wednesday was one of the coolest days of tracting we have ever been on. So it started off with us taking a wrong bus... So then we had to find a right one and back track a little. Now this was disappointing because we both wanted to be working hard but we could not find our way. When we finally got to the spot where we left off tracting like the couple days earlier.. we realized that that buildings we wanted to do were very far in the distance, so we walked.. It was cold it was raining, and I do not understand why it was such a miserable day. We finally find these big 11 story buildings, and we get let in. We are so excited to start tracting, but everyone in one building said no, or was not home. So we went to the next building, and this is where it gets cool. So we knock and knock on door after door and nothing. But then we get to the 5th floor, and this lady opens the door. Instantly a whiff of amazing cooking comes out and hits our noses. She says "I am cooking right now." We simply sat and nodded our heads as we were dumb founded by her cooking. She then looked at us again and said "come in boys". So we went inside and she showed us how to make a Hungarian dish! Then she fed us, right there on the spot! Turns out she went to England for work a long time ago, so she knows a little English, and she has a mentally handicap 30 year old daughter. They were so nice, and we already feel like she is our Hungarian Mother. We plan to meet with them later this week, and we are going to show her how to make brownies and teach a little about the church. Wahoo!!!
     Now really, that brings us to today for the most part. The other days when we went tabling, I would flier, and flier, and it was hard and not the funnest thing, but I know that it will be worth it in the end:) Yesterday! Wait! We had such a fun time! So we tabled, but then it started to rain, so we decided to make a new fun tabling poster to attract more attention! So we printed off a bunch of pictures from our cameras and made a new poster! Which I will of course send a picture of after this email. Now this morning, the sisters and me and Thomas went on a 10 K run/jog today. It was around a couple of super pretty lakes on dirt trail. I was so in love and I took a lot of pictures of that! I am hoping we can return and go there again. And yes dad, fishing was allowed and I saw somebody catching one while I was there. Hahaha, and it was fun:) I loved it. Now the sad news. So we thought all of us would stay here in Pécs, but Sister Clawson is leaving and going sister training leader in Pest. So the rest of us are staying though. So I am still with Elder Thomas for a solid 4 more weeks! I am loving serving with him too! So that is good:) President asked us if we are having fun, and we said yes of course, and he said he asked because we are getting good numbers. So we work hard, but we also play and have fun:) I love it.

Nichols Elder
I made pigs in a blanket! And guess what?! Its homemade dough! I can cook! 
Here is the new table poster we made. Isn't it way good?! Haha it says " we are happy because we are Mormon" 
This mornings run. I'm not to thrilled hahaha 
The line we run in. I bring up the rear :) 
First view of the lake on our run. So pretty! 
I love this picture!! 
We found a tree
And we found this and climbed it too 

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