Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 25

Hey friends and family!
     I have had a super fast last week! I have come to the conclusion that my mission is going by way too fast already. I hope that life does not go this fast when I get home, that might be a problem if it does. So let me start by talking about my week:) Oh and I almost forgot, if any of you would like to email me, write me, or send packages, well,  I am always here to send them to:)
     Wednesday. We taught one of our favorite investigators. She is the one that can speak like perfect English and is a Latin professor. She is super smart. But we taught her about the plan of salvation.
     Going on with the same day. We tabled with our new sign for the first time! Ya I was hoping it would be a big hit, and boy, that was the craziest day of our lives! So we met this super nice British couple who talked about these dreams they had, and how they had seen crafts of some sort! I thought it was kinda cool, but the whole time I was trying to think, now how can I bring them happiness in their life. Well, they were like two peas in a pod, just super happy already! But me and Thomas gave them a brief restoration lesson and gave them a Book of Mormon so they could read it. We also gave them our emails so we can keep in touch. I hope they are doing well and all is ok with them! They were so fun to talk to! We then had 3 young 17 year old girls come to the table. They first asked if we spoke English, then asked if we were American. So of course we said yes to both. Turns out, they attended a school in a city just out of Pécs and they were learning English in school and they thought it would be a great opportunity to practice! So that was cool. We kinda thought they were flirting... hahaha, but it was super fun to talk to them and we invited them to our sport day and young adults night. So I hope we see them soon. Then we had some guy come to the table who said his best friend was the devil... He was drunk. Then we had another drunk guy come and say that he was the security guard for the ancient cemetery here in Pécs. Now he was not completely drunk but he said he would give us a private tour on the 14th of March right before we all leave for 1700 ft. So that will be cool! And he said he does it with all the missionaries. So I was happy to hear that. Then a grandmother aged woman came to table and started like talking about her love for the American people and how she wants to learn English again and how God has blessed her so much in her life. Naturally I brought up our message and why we are here, and so we set up an appointment with her and got her number.
     Thursday. We had a drunk guy come up to the table right off the bat, and he was begging for some money. Thomas was not going to have this today, so he used command form and told the man to leave! Ya.. this is where is got interesting. I was kinda like what is happening? Then the guy grabbed Thomas by the arm and said "you do not treat your elders like that!" Then Loveland got mad and said, " uh... uh... Leave!!!!" in English. So then I cut in and said "hey, I am sorry but we cannot give money. We are missionaries." Then he talked about Christ and how we follow Christ. Then I responded by talking about how Christ never gave money, just helped people. Then the man called us a sect a few times and left. Ya, that was fun. Ha. But that night we held a conversation club after English where people could just come and we talk about our church in a big meeting. Then we watched the restoration film. I love that film. And there was one guy who seemed interested. He kept asking how can I know? How? I took him off in the meeting and talked with him one on one about this, and why I came, and how I have felt. I gave him a book, and I hope he reads. He will be back on Thursday. I hope that goes well.
     Friday. We taught that lady I streeted. Ya, she was chatty. But she finally gave us a chance to speak, and that is when I spoke with more power than I ever have. I was able to quote the first vision for her, and James 1:5 from memory. I was able to bring in the spirit with Thomas' help. We created a good atmosphere. Then she seemed at peace, like it made sense. But then we introduced the Book of Mormon. Ya, we read the promise and she said "well every church has this promise, well every church has truth." That is when I spoke with more authority than ever, and I felt the spirit very strongly. I promised her that this is true. I bore testimony to her, and between me and Thomas, we made it apparent that if she wants to know, then she needs to ask God. So we will see how that went soon I hope. Oh and Friday night is when we started splits. I was with Loveland Elder, aka. I was the senior for a day with the phone and all. Calling the shots...
      Saturday. So Loveland and I held our normal morning routine, and went and did Insanity in the morning with the other Elders like every morning. (We want to be in shape) Then we went to English class. Then we came home and right when I walked through the door to eat lunch, I get a call from a member. Now originally we were going to go tracting for like 5 hours, but the member asked if I and Loveland could come translate for the Colleges(a senior couple) at a meeting in Komló. (like 45 minute bus ride from Pécs) So we went. This is my first time ever translating. I was super nervous. Well, my grammar went down the drain when Elder College wanted to introduce himself, but other than that I think I did ok and everyone left happy and filled with the spirit. I just left with a headache... Hahaha, but then the Colleges took us home with was nice of them I love them to death! They go home in a month too. I hope you all get to meet them eventually!
     Last night we had french toast with the elders, and then we played a few games at their place too. It was a good night, we got to know each other better and cook together in their nice kitchen:)  And then this morning, me and Thomas went for a long run, and kinda half got lost but we ran like 45 minutes and half of it was up hill... But after jumping a fence and running through some dirt and trails, we found our way back to meet up with the sisters for another 30 minute run. Wahoo... And now here I am, in a short sleeve shirt. And yes Mom, in the last couple weeks I have bought two pairs of pants for summer wearing that were on sale... So... that is it! I promise!!!:)

     I have really noticed that I am changing on the mission. I also have noticed the importance of being more Christ like. I want to follow him with all of my heart, and be more and more like him. I have learned, that we do not just need to "follow Christ", but we need to be like him! In every way! I am going to be working on Charity this week and trying to love and care like He did. I hope that I can grow stronger spiritually in this week too. I know that Alma and the sons of Mosiah were strong, are strong, and wrote in the Book of Mormon so we could learn from them today. I know, that when we exercise our faith, we will receive blessings. I know it, I pray for it, and I testify of it. I love you all.
Nichols Elder

After church studying! 
Here is the crew making French toast. Our kitchen is so wimpy compared to theirs! 
This is our District Leader and one of my best friends in the mission now, Elder McCurdy.

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