Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 23

Why Hello Utah/people everywhere!!!
     Can I just say, this has got to be one of the most interesting emails I will probably ever write in my mission. So this week has been one of the craziest ever! Not just for me and my mission, but for the older missionaries here as well!! So let me start off with a little bit of crazy fun stories, then I will work my way into the spiritual stuff. Now... Let us begin!

     Last Monday, right after we got done emailing and stuff, we went home and had leftover pancakes(oh man they were good!) hahaha, but ya, then the other Elders called and asked us if we wanted to try and go to the TV tower before our expected haircuts that night! So we said we could sure try. So we called a member here in Pécs and asked what bus would get us up there. We then found the bus and took it. Well turns out, that bus took us a little up, but not all the way, and so we could see the huge TV tower, so we just hiked along trails back in the mountains. Now here is the funny part, none of us came prepared to hike, especially on frozen ice! So that was hard and hilarious at the same time! And it was a pretty warm day, so all you could hear as you walked through the forest was water dripping and it was super loud! (I will send pictures of that hike) After finally getting to the top of this never ending climb, we found out it was closed. But how were we supposed to know! We do not have internet access to check that stuff out! hahaha, so we just ran down the hill home. After getting down the hill, we went to our hair cut! Wahoo! It was much needed, and we got it down by a young girl here in the ward going to school in Budapest to learn this stuff! So it was free and we got nice nice haircuts!!!! I love that family here in Pécs. We played games with them while we were waiting for the others to get haircuts, it was a blast. (P.S. Mom... I got a different looking haircut, a little more European...:) Then we went to an American Diner! It was way funny because we were the only ones that came in the whole restaurant that night and oh my goodness. They played the BeeGees, the Beatles, Eye of the tiger, And old music like that. It was funny to listen to. Then we ordered these monster burgers!!! I will send pics of that too! Ya, there was no way I was going to eat that whole thing!

     Then Tuesday, we went tabling, and like usual, I went with Elder Loveland. It was super neat to street with him though. Because he stops everyone, and that is how I like to street! So we talked to everyone we could. And after freezing for a long time in the cold, we stopped basically the last couple before we got home. And guess what, she was really interested. So we set up with her to meet, and got her phone number. So I will talk about this meeting later;)
     Wednesday, we found some people tracting, and me and Elder Thomas got to know each other tracting! That was super fun and kinda weird. We tracted into this building and it had zero windows!!! Like zero lights, and zero windows. But a super nice elevator!!! So... Ya, we did not like that idea at all... We left. Hahaha, but it was a super good day.

     Thursday, Thomas and I woke up early so we could go to Buda and meet with President for our Interviews. We got there a little early after the 3 hour train ride, and so we decided to go shopping(go figure). And we found a companion item! We found a tie for basically a buck and a half! It was a great deal! So we bought them, and then we went to Gringos Amigos(basically Cafe Rio here in Hungary, started by a member and returned missionaries from America). It was super good and just made me miss Cafe Rio!! Hahaha, but then we went and had our interviews. It was a good interview, and I found out that Next month we are receiving 8 new missionaries, then in May, 18, then in July, 13. Like Wow!! That is a ton of missionaries!!! hahaha. Then on the way home we talked to the people in our little train cab, because of this I heard this older woman say and she turned to her older neighborly friend "they speak English". And Then I said, and we try to speak Hungarian. Then it started!!! We talked in Hungarian for them for 3 hours! Talked about missionaries, talked about the gospel, and the Book of Mormon too! It was a way cool train ride. But man, after that, my head hurt way bad from paying attention! hahaha.
Friday, we got to meet with that lady I streeted with Elder Loveland. She talked non stop for like 35 minutes about good stuff, but non stop!! Then finally, her husband said" let them talk". So then we did, and they completely accepted what we said about the restoration, and she really wanted a Book of Mormon, so of course we gave one to her and we hope to meet with her soon. Her and her husband seem like they have just been searching for this. I pray and hope it goes well.

     Now, let us jump to this morning. We went on a run this morning like every day but Sunday, and we went with the sisters to this beautiful view of Pécs. It was so nice, then we started turning to go back, but the others wanted to continue on the trail to find if it goes down. So we ran, and then we eventually  found ourselves at a gate. And so I just started leading us down the fence because I knew it would open up somewhere where we needed to be. But at the bottom of the fence, there was electrical wire, but it was not on. Or I thought, it wasn't on until I felt my whole right leg jolt with electricity!!! That was fun, hahaha. Then we found our way back. So it was not too bad! Hahaha.
     And here I am. But I am here to say this week, that Alma 17:11, is one of my new favorite scriptures. Be patient. That is what the sons of Mosiah did. And they were blessed. As I worked this week and it seemed like more and more people were rejecting me, I quoted that in my head, and it just got better and easier. I know, that times may get tough, but He is always there to help us. He is our brother, He can save us. He can lift us higher and help us do harder things, and things we thought we could have never done. I saw that, as this week we gave two blessings. Thomas gave both, but I anointed one. And as we laid our hands on this woman who could not move but could only open her eyes, though awkward the stance, we laid our hands on her head. I felt the Spirit. I felt her love, her desire. I pray for her, I pray for her husband. I beg the best will happen for her.

     I miss you all, hope you have a great week! P.s. I am just wearing a short sleeve shirt today, and it is not too cold. But the people here definitely think I am stupid or something hahaha.

Nichols Elder
This is the start of the never-ending hike 
Here is my companion. I'm not sure what he's doing hahaha 
Selfie in my new coat from Pest. And yes, Vivid mode is on. I'm not that tan. 
I gave my camera to McCurdy to take pics. I'm in the middle and Loveland is in the back. He doesn't like to walk on ice hahaha. But we had a fun day. 
So here is the American Diner.  It was so much food, I couldn't eat it all. 
Us tabling. And that's an old church in the background that was really pretty. Our sign says "free English class" and "Mormon Vagyok" which means I am Mormon 
Me and my running buddy Sister Georly. She is Hungarian. 
Me and Pecks! I loved the run, but I loved the rest at the top.

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