Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 28

Why hello friends and family!!
     So let me tell you about my week real quick:)
Tuesday: We met with our English investigator and had a very good program with her. We ended up teaching her about prayer and the importance of doing it. But also that we can pray anywhere and anytime. We really wanted to stress that since she has not been getting her answer yet. Then we went tabling and we met with a few Irish people. They came to the table and started talking to us:) One of their friends was Jewish and from Israel, and he was really interested and asked when he could be baptized and stuff! I hope all goes well with him.
Wednesday: Zone Conference! So we woke up at 430 and then got on the train at 6. We arrived in Budapest at 9 and then Zone Conference started at 11. So we had a little time before that and we went to Friss Pékség and ate some massive Nutella filled rolls:) Oh wow, those were the best things I have ever eaten on my mission:) Then starts the zone conference with Elder Dyches from the Seventy and Europe Area Presidency and his wife. That was a really good training. I learned a lot from them, and most of the meeting was focused on the Spirit. And learning to be able to follow the spirit in our programs and in finding. I really enjoyed the conference and I came out of it wanting to be better. Then after the conference ended, Thomas and McCurdy and Loveland and I went to Tróféas, a super nice restaurant that is an all you can eat bufé!!:) I loved it! But man we pounded down that food so that we could make our train:) Then we went home and started the next day.
Thursday: Today was a really long day. We tabled for hours and hours! But, while we were tabling, McCurdy brought his Rubix cube(which was actually invented in Hungary) and I tried to learn how to do them! ...Ya, that is all I have to say. I TRIED to learn... But it is hard for my little brain to handle! hahahaha, then we met with another investigator who wanted to me with us to talk about moving abroad, because she will be moving to Látvia in the summer alone. So we told her our thoughts, but then it got super cool because I was able to start relating the Book of Mormon to her and how there are examples in the scriptures that relate to her. It was a really good lesson.
Friday: We were able to go out to eat with the Colledges for their last meal in Hungary! That was super fun and we talked and chatted a lot. They actually went home on the 17th so I am sure their family is super happy to see them:)
Saturday: We went to English class where our investigator invited us to go on another hike with her and more people! So we said yes and took this opportunity to see Pécs and to talk with more people about the church. Which we did! It was a great experience and we were able to talk to like 5 new people about the church and the Book of Mormon!
     Now, that is for the most part my entire week, the only thing is you are probably all wondering what happened with transfers and all! Well here is the news. So this morning I am in the shower, and I hear Elder Thomas shout, "President Smith is calling!" I figured it was to tell Elder Thomas he was training, but no. Elder Thomas is going Zone leader instead!!! Wahoo! And I am staying in Pécs and getting Elder Cutler(who is from Christensen's group). I am super happy to be able to stay here! It has been a really good time with Elder Thomas, and now I get to stay a little longer and serve with Elder Cutler.
      I hope all is well at home! Love you and miss you!
As my mom would say, "do your best and don't worry about the rest"
Nichols Elder
On the way tooth rain station afternoons conference 
I made this for an investigator! And on the back I wrote our commitments we wanted him to work on 
On our Saturday hike 
We are in a super tall tower in this picture 
Look how beautiful! It was such a gorgeous hot day 

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