Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 22

Why hello friends of mine in Utah or wherever you may be!!!

     How is everybody doing? I hope the weather at home is better than it is here in Hungary. It is kinda a joke. It snowed a lot as I wrote in my last email, and it is not going away. That is because it has rained almost every day since. So the snow is gone, and now the ice is ridiculous! It is so slippery everywhere we go! We thought yesterday that in church there was going to be only a few people because of how slick it was! (do not worry, I have not slipped... yet...) But somehow the Hungarians just push on and they still all came to church. Now let me review this last week.

     We met with a super cool lady last Tuesday. She is a professor here in Pécs and she translates Latin and some other language into Hungarian. She is in our English class and she speaks really good English. She is meeting with us outside of class to learn to speak more fluently and like a natural speaker. Now because we are missionaries, we told her we would be doing 30 minutes English and then 30 minutes about our church. She was perfectly fine with that. She is such a kind and nice lady. She even brought us fruit cake after our first visit with her! Hahaha. Love her already. And Thomas Elder did a really good job bearing testimony in that meeting and I could feel the spirit so strong there. I knew that we were doing the right thing.

      Then for the rest of the week, we went tracting, streeting, and tabling. Wahoo!!! We still want to find all the people we can to meet with them and talk about the church! And this week, we have some fun stories. hahaha, so first. Tracting. We tracted a couple buildings, and at the end of the last building, I rang the door bell. Well Thomas Elder right after said, "wait, I saw two young kids walk in there with alcohol!" Well great... So the kid answered the door, we told him we were just doing a survey. And then he said "tessék" which means, go ahead. So we asked him the first question. And right after we started, the kid's mom came from behind the door and I was excited because I thought she would be interested right? So I am sitting there smiling at the door, and then she asks, "You are doing a survey to 14 year old boys!? What kind of survey is this!?" And slammed the door in our faces... Ya that was awkward. Ha. But the good news is, we found a way to keep entertained while we are tracting. We read a book we found in the church. It is called, 101 LDS ideas for dating! So we take turns reading from it. Ha, it is super funny and we stay happy.

     We also ran into a super nice old couple, and they talked for an hour! I loved them to death. I do not know what else to say. The guy was solid catholic and 84 years old. He was a painter and Wine specialist. But he was so nice. We enjoyed the conversation we had with him. We learned a lot about the history of Pécs. That was nice. We also got let in by a couple other people who seemed somewhat interested. And here is the weird part. Everyone is complimenting me on my language ability(which is not that good), and when they hear I am 18, they say "I have a daughter that age, maybe I will send her to check out your church or your english class..." That is so awkward! hahahaha, when people here we are Americans they are either so happy or they just hate us. hahahaha.

     So last night, Thomas Elder and I made American Pancakes. We were so ready to have some American. So we made them from scratch. And we made 29!!!!! Oh life is good. We have so much fun together. Hahaha, Well today. We are going to the TV tower here in Pécs, it is super tall and supposedly you can see for a long ways, so I will take lots of Pictures! I miss you all! Have a good week! Hungary is the bomb, but I still miss all of you!
Nichols Elder
This is our tracing area here in Pecks. Ya it is super cold and fun! 
Mail sorting party! We had some down time to get organized. 
Hooray for 29 pancakes! We are pro cooks hahaha! Chef Jeff is in the house

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