Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 26

Hey guys!
     Well it is almost exactly to the day, 1/4 through my mission! That is so crazy to think about now isn't it! I just love it here too. So I have decided to try and write what is happening day by day so that you get the full picture of what is going on here in Hungary, Ok? ok:)
Monday: After we emailed last week,  we walked around the city looking for stuff to do. Oh that was so fun. We found some really great views and were able to tour a church and take tons of pictures! I loved that day a lot! Then we went to a little playground, and got super super dizzy on the playground. Ya... That made my head hurt a lot the rest of the day.. Hahaha, and we still had to do our workout that night... Fun Fun.
Tuesday: So today we went tabling. We were in our normal spot but for some reason the police did not like us there. So they told us to move around the corner and table over there. So we did, and hey! We found a lot of good success! for example, we met our English guy who I talked a little about last time, and he was super chill! We ended up setting up with him and I will write about that one tomorrow:)
Wednesday: Today was one of the weirdest days. So the temperature here was like 15 C! That was super nice, but the problem was that I was getting super sick. So I was not really enjoying the nice weather because I was still bundled up. We decided to go tracting. The first building we try we get let in to, but there was a guy there with his dog, and he started asking us hardcore questions. He kept saying, "why are you here? you just want Hungarian wives. You are not here for your church! There is no way you are here to just help and talk about church." That was an interesting like 20 minute conversation hahaha. We then met with our English dude. He is so cool! He is super funny and that is how we need to teach him. He likes to laugh so that is what we did with him. We extended a soft bap date and he said he is just not looking for that right now. So we will keep trying:)
Thursday: We tabled again, and found a new tabling spot that we really like. That was about it...
Friday: District meeting was so good! Elder McCurdy had us watch few of the I am Mormon videos from a while ago, and they really were inspiring! I learned a lot from the talks shared by the first presidency, and you could really feel the spirit in the room. I loved it. Then we went out to eat at the restaurant Crystal. It was super good, the only problem was that it was kinda pricy, so as you all know, when you order food, they give you like a huge bowl! And nothing in it.. hahaha:) All well. Then we were asked to go help a member move in the branch. She was moving from living on the first floor, to the fourth... Ya that was a lot of hard work, and a lot of stairs to climb to. That took about 3 hours. But a lot of people showed up to help, so that was cool to see:) Then we went to young single adults night and played a few games. It is super hard to do in Hungarian. But we get by:) then we went and got chinese, because after 8 here, they put it on sale for half off. And it is then like 2 dollars.. So we eat there now:)
Saturday: So today I sat outside of English class to watch the door because we always leave it unlocked. Well as I sat there, I read like 5 chapters in the Book of Mormon in Hungarian. The good news is I can get the most of the story, but not all of it yet.. I hope that by the end of the two years I can read it fluently!:)
Sunday: Yesterday we went to church, which I really enjoy the fast and testimony meetings here because I feel like I can understand better:) Then we went home and Thomas and I just went cookie crazy! We made like 20 snicker doodles and like 15 sugar cookies with frosting... Ya... We ate all of them but like 5 that we ended up giving to a member when we went to her place to eat dinner. It was super delicious as always:) I love eating there:)
     Well that was my week, and it is always just getting better and better. I would like to share the talks I watched on the Mormon movies. Choose this day, by Eyring. Come what may and love it, by Wirthlin. And I heard that the Jeffrey R Holland talk that he gave in Dixie at the college is super good because he relates to the college life... so I would like to look that one  up later...:)
Nichols Elder
Posing like a statue in my new European clothes 
Me & Loveland looking over the beautiful city of Pecs 
Touring a church we found on a hill 
The view from the church on the hill
Here is Christ, and he is looking over Pecs

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