Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 32

Hey Everyone!
     How is everyone doing on this lovely week!? I hope that general conference is still on your minds like it is on mine. I am so grateful that I was able to hear from our leaders. They teach us things that are super useful, and honestly, they can be used as soon as you would like! 
      Tuesday: We ended our P day as elders by going to the American restaurant again here in Pécs. It is super good food for a good price! I love it, and the waitresses who work there are starting to get to know us better and ask us more questions about why we are here and about the church:)
     Wednesday: We taught R about the restoration. It was mostly a review for him since he had been taught by the missionaries a couple years ago. He is very kind and a nice guy. He even took notes in his drawing pad and drew a picture of the things we taught him. We then committed him to read Alma 32 and set up for another time to meet. We then met with Z again, ya, big surprise there!:) Hahaha, he brought his thesis that he did for school which was 140 pages in Hungarian all about perfume. It was quite interesting. He went over it with us and summarized it in English and he would like our help to proof read it and make sure it is correct. Wow, no pressure on us at all! We talked about the importance of baptism and if this was all true if he would get baptized. He said, "of course!" He said he is probably 40% to baptism. So that is good to hear:) Then we met with E and we had the branch president come with us to this lesson. She told us that she had a few doubts and she would like to discuss them with a Hungarian. Ha, she basically insulted us on our Hungarian. But it is true, members do have better connections which is good! So the branch president came and did a terrific job! She still has questions, but he is still willing to come and answer:) Then we went to G's to eat that night because it was Elder Cox's birthday:)
     Thursday: The elders from Kaposvár came and so did our zone leaders. They came to Pécs and gave us a teaching about the importance of prayer. After the lesson we went to Replay. Wow, I have not been there in a long time and it was super good food! I got a very large salad:) Then we got our mail, and guess what! I finally got my valentine's package! Wahoo!:) Then we met with Z again and went over to his friend's house and they made us lunch. We got 2 new investigators from that lunch:) And because the sisters left, I became the professional english class teacher. Wahoo....
     Friday: We went tabling in the morning for quite some time. Then we went to Z's house to get haircuts and have a program with him. As we walk through the door he asks us if we can give his mother a blessing because she is in a lot of pain. He asked me if I could give the blessing. So I gave his mother a blessing. After our haircuts and right before we were about to leave, his mother said that it was hurting less. That is super good to hear. Then we went to young single adult night and met up with R, a different one, who is super nice. He used to meet with the sisters but now he will be meeting with the other elders. But I talked to him the majority of the night and he is a super nice kid.
     Saturday: We had English class and then we came home for lunch. During lunch time I was not feeling very good for some reason and I accidently slept for like an hour... Oops. But then we got right back to work and went tabling. We had this crazy lady come to the table hahaha. She took all of the pamphlets and was talking to us, herself, and to basically all of the people staring. It was entertaining:) She was super nice though:) Then we had sport night, but like no one came but us elders... So we went and played basketball outside:) Then we came back because while we were playing I got a call from one of the members asking us to clean the branch house. So we hurried back and got it done. Then we went to the other elders and made homemade root beer and bought some ice cream. Yes, we had root beer floats:) Yummy right?;)
     Sunday: Woke up with a giant headache. So I took some ibuprofen and went to church. Church was really good today. One of the sisters who just finished her mission had her parents come out and pick her up and they came to our little branch here in Pécs. So we translated a little for them:) Then N invited us to an event called the Passió. It is a giant catholic event that takes place outside. Basically they re-enacted the life of Christ and then did like a crucifixion, the last supper, and the atonement too. It was interesting.  Then N took us to a beautiful look out spot, and we went up there and talked about Christ and actually sat underneath one of his statues:) Then we returned to the center of the city and met with R in a park. We talked about the plan of salvation and he is very understanding of it all. He really wants to find the right church. I hope he continues on his quest.
     That is my week! It has been super good and I just hope it continues to get better:) Well, Love you all! I am so grateful I also got the package from home! I love you guys!:) P.s. Chasen will be home in 3 weeks. Weird...:)

Nichols Elder

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