Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 44

Hey friends and family!!
I hope that everyone is doing good! I hope that the 4th of July was good for all of you. I also hope that you were able to celebrate the independence of our country! I know, that the United States was supposed to and was the place foreordained by God to have the church fully restored in these latter days. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith. I am currently reading a book called, "the history of Joseph Smith" by his mother Lucy Smith. This book is filled with details I never knew about the Smith family and their history. It is full of incredible things and I encourage you all to read it:)
Monday: We finished emailing and then went and sat on a bench and talked to a man about his religion and about ours. He said he believes in everything we do, but he was more interested in Demons, and if it was normal for people to break out in spasms in the middle of sacrament. Well... we said no:)
Tuesday: Today was a super good day! One, we got 4 new phone numbers to call a bunch of new people! I am so excited for that. And then we went to visit I and it turns out we offered a bap date to her and she accepted! She is now fully into this, and she wants it so bad! We were super happy after this program. Then we went and visited this new lady and her mother. They are both so loving and incredible. We talked about the plan of salvation with them and they asked us to come back anytime. Then we went and met with A and her friends. There we discussed the plan of salvation and that really got them all talking for a good amount of time. But it was good! I think it really opened them up to the gospel topic!! I am now looking forward to the future with it! Wahoo!
Wednesday: We met with a couple of people and then we went to I's house, and discussed more about preparing for baptism. Then we ran home and made a couple batches of brownies and then took them to the Big American 4th of July party(on the 2nd) at the branch house. There was tons of people from English class! And members too!! It was a big success! Shoop and I were in charge of the American Football part of it, and it went super well. Minus by the end of it it turned into Rugby... Well, it was still good:)
Thursday: Today we had our weekly planning. I am now finally learning the concept of planning and how important it is to do. It is super important to know what we are doing, and what we need to do in the next week to be prepared. I am also learning the importance of being open with my companion. As we have been honest with each other, about every little thing, our work and relationship has gotten stronger than it has ever been before. Then we met and met with I again, and she told us she wanted to have a similar experience where we are honest with each other and we tell each other what we like and do not like about each other. Well, long story short. Shoop is the wiser one, and I am the one who can make her smile on a bad day and the funny one. Ha, I like it:)
Friday: In district meeting, we talked about following the Spirit and how important it is in missionary work. It is like the GPS for where we need to go. But the hardest thing about it, is when we do not use it, we could work for 100 hours and then finally find the person we were meant to find. But with it, it could take minutes, moments. It is so vital in finding people and we have learned that and seen that this transfer. It may be the moment when we are running on the street and stop to say a prayer. It may be when we are tracting and decide to go down a level in the building and do THIS door. It is so vital, and so useful. I love it. Then we went to lunch with the missionaries and I ordered a huge meat platter with the sisters, which we shared. And go figure, they could not eat a lot, so I got most of it;)(planning ahead;). Then we went and played football later that night with a couple members and it was super fun. They finally started getting the rules hahaha. Then the sprinklers came on and made it ten times harder to stop and play.... all well:)
Saturday: Met with I and taught her about fasting. She committed right there to fast starting at night and to fast for 24 hours. That was dedication right there by her:) Then we went to A and her friends. We were fed dinner there, taught English to them, and then after dinner had a good long chat about the gospel. It was super good, and they have so many questions! We always can feel the spirit with them and they always have questions for us:) Then we went tabling, and during that, there was super loud and good hip hop music on. Well, on the way home, we passed the stage that was set up, and it turns out that there is a international dance competition being held this week! Don't worry, right after this, we stopped a few Americans:)
Sunday: We went to church like usual, and we had a couple of people come to church too. It was really good, and we could really feel the spirit. Then we walked all over the city and we could really feel the humidity. It was rough. But, such is life:)
Well, that was my week:) I cannot complain:) I am really enjoying KecskemĂ©t right now, and I do not want to leave. But, In a couple weeks, either Shoop or I will leave. Maybe both. But the Lord is in control of His work, and he always knows best. Love you all:)

Nichols Elder

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