Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 40

Hey all!!
How is everyone doing on this fine day? Well I can tell you all that right now it is super hot here in Hungary. Like the sun is shining down and it is hot. But not only is it hot under the sun, but in the shade too. It is the absolute worst. Come home and sit next to the AC(which I am soooooo grateful for) and then take a nice cold shower. Wow, it is great:)
Monday:We went over to visit our 8 year old bud, Z. He is doing super good and it is hard for him to learn English. But, the coolest part of the lesson was when we started talking about the gospel with him. He said that he prays all the time on his own but God never speaks back to him. Oh man, is this not the perfect opportunity to share the gospel with him!!! I was super thrilled when I heard this!
Tuesday: We went and visited this really nice, old grandma. She was super nice and cool, but man. Could she chat up a storm. The only problem with that lesson was it was really impossible to get out of her sight. Like we would try to leave and she would tell us that we need to stay and chat with her longer. She was the nicest woman ever! But, super hard to talk about the gospel with her ha. Then we met one of the coolest couples ever. We were tracting and the first door we rang on, guess who opens up! The dream man himself! He opens the door, and lets us in and we teach the Restoration and place a Book of Mormon right there. He was super cool and wants us to come back too! Then we made a 2 hour walk to the sport night. That was the longest walk ever. Then we played soccer on turf with lil tiny nets:) Then we met with a couple members here in Kecskemét and they were super nice and cooked us a Paprikás Krumpli. Wow. My favorite meal out of all Hungary dishes. Without fail. And totally possible to do in America!! Wahoo!!!
Wednesday: We were invited by the Bishop to go to "Gringos Amigos"(yes, a Mexican restaurant started by Mormons in Hungary, and it is based off of Cafe Rio). He paid for all of us to eat there and it was super good! He is a super good guy. He actually served his mission in Hungary, and turns out. He speaks like PERFECT English. Like wow. Then we had a really good lesson with I. She is doing really good, and we talked about why people are always so mean to us. She said a lot of hard things started to happen to her as soon as she started meeting with us. Just a testimony that Satan is trying to get a handle on us and does not want us to strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly Father. I told her this, and she said she will endure:)
Thursday: We got "dogged" a lot today. Like everyone we had planned to meet with dogged us. So we worked super hard trying to find people. Come 8 at night, and we had worked super hard and still nothing. Well, I see a pékség(bakery) and I am like, "come on Shoop, let's eat a little". He says only if it is half off. And guess what!? It was!!! So we went in and guess what. This is "the best two years" story of my life. We met HIM!!! In the bakery!!! Just like the Best Two Years!!! Hahahahahahaha, anyways... He is super cool and speaks like 5 languages fluently. He wants to learn more about us and gave us his address and number:)
Friday:Today was Elder Meek's birthday and Sister Geröly's name day!!!(yes, name days here are like birthdays... but unfortunately they do not have one for Jeff....) Then at district meeting we discussed having a big party on the 2nd of July as a July 4th party!! American food and all!!! I am so excited!!! Then Shoop started feeling sick, so we did a quick and short split and Elder Robinson and I went to a program(that dogged) and came home. Then Shoop and I(after he was feeling better) went and visited a couple cool families.
Saturday: We started splits today and me and Elder Robinson worked together. It was one of the most powerful days of my mission. We started teaching and it just worked! The second program we had with F was amazing! Literally, we went in ready to teach the Restoration and then changed accordingly, then Elder Robinson felt impressed to go to the Baptismal Font. Then we went into the Chapel. Like wow. It was so quiet and you could just feel the Spirit working right there!!! Wow!!!!! What a great day. We worked super hard and had such a fun time together. He is a great district leader and friend. We had a lot of fun together.
Sunday: We wake up in the morning and we made pancakes for each other, and then we split back. Then we went to church where we had 4 investigators! Like, can you say miracle!? The investigator, I, she came and she loved it! She said she is going to continue to come!! So, awesome! Then we met with a couple others, but the point of the night is when I tried to cook brownines. Well, we were out of sugar, but we had vanilla sugar. So I put 2 cups of that in thinking it would be ok... Well... I tasted the batter while it was cooking... Ya... Turns out, the jar that said "vanilla sugar" was 100% salt... Like EWWWW!!! So we quickly started a new batch and used Nesquick:) It worked out really well!!!!
Monday: Now, you might be wondering why I never emailed on this day. That is because here in Hungary it is a holiday. I hate how many they have... But anyways, we did service for the first 4 hours this morning. It was mostly weeding a garden ha. But it was super good. Then after the missionaries got together and climbed the "hill" in Kecskemét and took some pics. Then we tried playing volleyball in the sand without a net. It was super funny ha. And we got so sunburned... Ha:) Got dogged a couple more times, and then made dinner with the other elders and played some games together:)
So, this is my week. I am sorry I could not email yesterday. Literally everything was closed... So... Ha:) I hope all of you have a great week! And by the way, it hit 36 degrees celcius here yesterday... So... That is hot. I know that...  ha:)
Love you all!

Nichols Elder

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