Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 48

Can you say, "time is flying!?" I can!!! And I am seeing that right now! I feel like it was just yesterday I was in the MTC and still junior companion. Where has the time gone. I am super happy to email you all this week and talk about some of the coolest experiences I have seen on my mission!! Are you all ready? Well here is the honest truth, I wasn't ha. I did not have time to write out what happened each day, so this week's email may be a little different. But, I guess we will see what happens!
Tuesday: So the big  news of Tuesday, was that Elder Watson went tabling, and we tried talking to as many people as we could. But the rain started rolling in, and then I told Elder Watson I was hoping it wasn't going to rain. And then he turned to me and said, "Elder Nichols! We have the power of God on our side, we can pray for it not to rain!" So, we both said a prayer in our heart for it not to rain until we found 2 people. Well, the rain stayed away and we ended up talking to many people and finding some real interested people! And then the rain poured. It was a testimony to me how incredible the power of prayer is. Especially since it was raining like all around us and not on us! So, miracle:)
Wednesday: We had interviews with President in the morning in Buda. It was a long train ride, but we ended up talking to the girls on the train and then getting their numbers:) Then we met with President. Him and Sister Smith really watch out for us. They do a lot to make sure we are safe, eating healthy, and following the Spirit in every aspect of our lives. So it was good:) Then we came home and talked to more people on the train. Then when we got home, we ended up getting dogged. It was a bummer, but we were filled with the Spirit today because of interviews with President. We wanted to find someone! So, Elder Watson said he knew a place we could try and we went there and there happened to be a young 19 year old boy playing soccer in a park. We asked him if we could join, and then it turned into a "why are you two in Hungary?" conversation. It was super good and then we ended up setting up with him:)
Friday: So today I ended up having to give my first training as a District Leader. It was rough hahaha. No, it was not too bad. I talked about how to become better teachers and what we can do to do that. It was a very spiritual lesson and because of how much the other elders helped, we all felt the Spirit in the lesson and walked away with someone learned. Then we went to lunch together and I have pasta with crushed almonds on top... That was like eating powder... It was rough hahahaha:) Then we went finding. Well, Watson and I decided to go out into the middle of nowhere because we thought the missionaries had probably not been there before. Well, we started tracting. And we found 5 amazing people who said come back!!! So, that was a super cool experience! It just goes to show me time and time again how important it is to follow the Spirit in the work. It is vital.
Saturday: After a day of hard work and running around everywhere, we had a little time at night. Well, I suggested we go tabling again. I really like tabling on Saturday nights because something new and exciting always happens. So let me share this night's experience. So first, this Czech family needed help, and Elder Watson went over and helped them. While he was speaking English to them, I was just hoping someone cool would come to the table. And literally, at that moment a girl passed by with her boyfriend, came over to the table immediately, and started asking me questions about the church!! I was caught so off guard I was not able to get out a word for like 5 seconds!! Then she asked me if we had contact info, and then we switched numbers. She told me to call her today,Monday, and see if we can setup. So I am going to do that after emailing. It was the coolest thing. Then after, a member came up to the table and started talking about how there is not a lot of attractive girls to him in the church(he is 18...;). So I told him, that if he gave out an English class flier to the girls he finds attractive, we would help him out. So, we started walking home together and while walking, a bridal group stops us!! Obviously they are drunk, but they were selling balloons, and our poor 18 year old boy gave in and bought one;) And then right after, he spots "the girls". Well he darts over there and starts talking about English class and how we are American and how we are the teachers. Well, he beckons me and Elder Watson over and we go over there and the girls asked if we speak Hungarian. I started speaking, and then they said, " you're lying. They are not American, they're Hungarian!" and then they asked us to prove it. And so we started speaking English. Ha it was entertaining at the least. But they said they would come to class so that was cool:) ha.

Well, this was basically my week:) I am super grateful for it, and I am surprised at how fast it went!! Well, I miss you all. I bear testimony to you all, that I KNOW, Christ lives. He blesses us when we ask for his help. And, if we come up with a plan and present it to him, he will help us fulfill that plan if it is according to his will. What miracles. Love you all.
Nichols Elder

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