Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 36

Hey everyone!!:)
Can i just say how grateful i am i was able to skype my family and friends yesterday?? That truly was a blessing in my life. I am also grateful for having the chance to even skype, because as we know back in the old days they had to write letters and that was it. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest missionaries in the world right now and possibly the happiest:) Now, with the skyping yesterday i may have forgotten to prepare notes for what happened every day last week ha. So i am sorry to say but this week i will be going from the good ole memory:)
So last week was super good. We met with professor E a couple times and she is doing really good. We meet with her usually on Tuesdays and practice English and then on Thursdays we try to practice our Hungarian and teach her about the church. Also when we meet with her we have had a member with us the past couple times. The member truly can and does help in the lesson. I know it and i bear testimony of it. We went over some questions she had about the resurrection and the plan of salvation and you could very strongly feel the spirit. She also came to church and we were able to sit next to her in stake conference this last Sunday. I am so grateful for the spirit that was brought into the meeting. You could feel it so strongly that i know that she felt it too.
Z. We still meet with him super often and he is still progressing:) His desire to learn is incredible. He really wants to be a native sounding American speaker and he sounds basically like one right now!! We also gave him a Jesus the Christ book to read and he has been. We have been talking more and more about baptism and he is thinking about it:) The really cool thing i like about teaching Z is that the spirit can almost always be felt in his lessons. I leave his lessons and i pray that he does too, with a much better feeling than when i entered the lesson. He also gave us his laptop and his friend E also gave her tablet to us to skype from! So i give a huge shout out to them.
The other people we meet with are doing really good too but this last week we mainly met with these two. Next week is going to be transfers and so i will not be emailing until Tuesday and i will let you all know what is going to happen to me:) I am so grateful i was sent to Hungary and super grateful to have served in Pecs as long as i have. I love the people and i love my mission.
Last night i bore my testimony to my family, but i do not think they understood. Ha, but i know they felt the truth of my message. Because it is not my message, it is Christ’s message to all. And no matter what language it is in, even silence. You can actually feel the truth of it, "and it will be made manifest unto you". Love you all so very much.

Nichols Elder

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