Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 37

Hello from Hungary!
How is everyone doing!? I know that it is has another beautiful (wet) week here in Hungary. The weather is now getting a lot better though. The sun came out yesterday morning and has been out since it feels like ha! It feels like summer in Utah almost right now, and it is only May!! So, we will see what the summer has to bring. Bring it on right?;) I have not yet received my transfer call, so I am hoping that by the time I finish this I will have it:)
Monday: We met with M and she gave us this jam, homemade jam that her and her mother made for us! It was super good and delicious, but I have no idea what flavor it is in English because it is not in the dictionary and I have never had anything like it... Csipke... Idk:) then after our meeting with her, Basketball E was able to get us into a pro boys basketball game and it was super cool! We got super good seats too, like right under the basketball hoop basically! And it was super nice because half of the team was American so we were able to speak English with them ha:)
Tuesday: Then we met with Professor E and this was one of the best lessons I have ever had on my whole mission. I could feel the spirit from the start to the finish and it is so amazing to see the change from when I first met her. She has come a long ways and the gospel has helped in her life so much. I cannot wait to see what the future has for her.
Wednesday: Met with Z and talked about the Atonement. This is one of my favorite subjects in the gospel. Do you know why? Because of the Atonement is the gospel. The entire plan circles around this one event. It had to happen. It also had to happen how it did. I know that Christ did suffer all those pains and afflictions so that we can repent and be cleansed and have another chance.
Thursday: We had like mini splits today. It was kinda weird ha. But I got to work with Elder Cox from lunch to like 5 o clock. So it was nice. Ha. But we went tracting for like 3 hours and that was super fun because we worked hard and yet had a really spiritual experience. I am so happy about it. Then I took him out to eat at Gyros. I bought us two huge salads!!! Like wow!!! And it was so good, ha. But we had a good conversation, and it just made me realize how great of an example he is to me and how great of a missionary he is. I know he will do many great things on his mission.
Friday: Today was Zone Training, so the Zone leaders and the missionaries from Kaposvár came. But President Smith and Sister Smith surprised us with a visit:) So we had a very good training, and one of my favorite parts was when one missionary shared how his mission has changed and what helped make that good change. It was inspiring. I wanted to be so much better after that. Then we met with President for a couple short interviews which were good. Then they offered to buy us Pécs elders lunch from McDonalds:) So thank you to them!
Saturday: We had two baptisms today, and Professor E came and she went crazy with her camera thinking this may be my last week hahahaha.  It was super cool because Elder Cox got to baptize one person and then Elder McCurdy confirmed both on the next day. It was a good experience for the both of them and for us and our investigators. I love these people. They do not have founts in every building, so sometimes we use a swimming pool and it worked just great:) Plus, old men in speedos asked us about the baptism and we talked to them about the church so it was a good finding tool;)
Sunday: Professor E came to church and stayed again for all 3 hours. She is really liking it. Then we met with N and she gave us something really nice. She gave us each a small medal with St. Patrick on it and then a quote from the bible. She said it reminded her of us because we spread the gospel and try to help people. It was super nice of her. Then we went met with I and her daughter. They fed us a couple of palacsintas which were super good:)
Monday: Professor E made a CD for us with all the pics she took ha, and then I got a haircut from Z and then all of us elders went to the American Restaurant for a last meal in Pécs:) It was nice:)
So, I just got my call. And I am headed to Kecskemét with Elder Shoop!!! He is two transfers older than me! And guess what, we are whitewashing ha:)  All well, I am super excited! I hope you all have a great week! I know I did!

Nichols Elder

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