Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 45

Hey everyone!
I hope as always that everything is going fine and that everyone is enjoying their time serving the Lord:) The Lord wants to help us and enable us to do our very best. But, one thing that I have learned this last week is that we need to be ready to accept it and be humble enough to accept his help and ask Him for it.
Monday: We ended up meeting with a man who was a gymnast when he was younger, and he showed us pictures!! They were black and white and they were super funny!! He was so shredded!!! And when I asked him what he ate, he said everything!! Ha, but then I had to think. Back in those days, everything is far different than now a days. Ha:)
Tuesday: We got dogged a ton, and the worst part was that it started pouring on us like the entire day. We just had my umbrella with us when it happened too. Haha, super funny. So, we took a lot of pictures of us soaking wet and huddling together under a tree and my umbrella. Ha. Then we went with the sisters to a program, and there we actually met in a small corner on the street out of the rain and we met with their investigator. Apparently they invited us so that we could voice what we wanted in our future spouses. Ha, it was quite the experience:) Then we got a call from I, and let me just say, it was not something that missionaries want to hear. I was brought down that night so low, that I did not know what to do. So I began calling upon the Lord, and through him I found strength. I look back on it now, and this was one of the hardest days in my life. But, I felt strengthened and ok when I prayed and asked for help. I know that he will answer us, and he always does. Our Heavenly Father loves us, he really does:)
Wednesday: We then met with a couple of our investigators, and they are doing pretty good. There was one who would like to quit smoking. Well as we know, that is not an easy thing. And she has tried to quit smoking many times, but never worked. Well, we wanted to change it a little. Well, my help was offered and she asked me to create a diet for her and an exercise plan for her. Talk about random right!? Well, I did. I hope it works out:)Then we had English class, and we taught a very good hour if I do say so myself:)
Thursday: We cleaned the crap out of our apartment. We deep cleaned it so much that when the senior couple got there to inspect it, it smelled like a swimming pool! It was so full of bleach!!! Ha, but we passed with flying colors so that was good:) Then we went over and met with L. She is a super cool girl. She really knows how to cook too!!! She made us cheesecake!!! And I do not even like that stuff and I loved it! Well, then we talked about faith and a little about the Book of Mormon. But next time, it is going to be super with her, I can just feel it!!
Friday: Today we had daily splits. It was super good. I went with Elder Meek and man, it rained all day!!! Like what the crap! Ha, so we tracted and walked in the rain the whole day. We got super wet, and lost a couple of times:) But it was super fun, and he is such a solid young missionary in this mission. If everyone was like him it would be remarkable!!!:) We also had ping pong night, and guess who won. Yours truly!!!;) It was good though hahaha.
Saturday: We had district meeting, and this again, was one of the most powerful. We all bore testimony and shared something that we had learned this transfer with each other. It was so powerful, and it is sad to see it come to an end. I hope that we will all see each other and look back on this transfer with smiling faces:) Then we went and taught A and her friends and that was super good. It was so cool for me to see, when we offered them homework, all of them wanted to do it and said they would. They really have come a long way! And then right after this program. We went to the branch house and waited for I to come. Well, she didn't. I do not know why, but she did not. And so we called, and called again. And she did pick up on the second time and said that she would come. Well, while waiting I was playing the piano, and then Shoop and I started playing singing. And when she walked in, we were singing and really feeling the spirit. It started off really good, and then it ended really well too:) The spirit was so strong, I could not ask for much better than that.
Sunday: Went to church, and then we made a super good Rakott Krumpli, and like none other. It was super good!!! Like wow, and we just kinda made our own. It was nice:)
So, the subject of the week, is that of humility. It is super important and super hard. But, it is so worth it. I have seen time and time again on my mission how important it is to be humble. And sometimes I forget. But, My Heavenly Father reminds me when he throws a curveball at me:) Well, miss you all. And I hope all is well!:) Miss ya

Nichols Elder

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