Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 49

Hello family and friends!!!
This week has been an absolute party! I cannot begin to tell you how much I am already loving this transfer. I know it sounds like I am having maybe too much fun, but Elder Watson and I are really doing good and we are striving to get good work done. And it is working!! So, let me share what has happened this last week!!:)
Tuesday: We went and met with a couple new converts, and they are a couple little kids. Like 9 and 12. So. We met with them and tried to teach them the lessons again. But wow, can I just say how hard it is to teach little kids! It is definitely teaching me a whole new meaning of patience. And I would like to give props to my parents who had to deal with me when I was younger. That would have been craziness. To all parents who read this, this is craziness. hahahaha. I love you all!:) Then we went and played a little squash with our investigator K, and after we talked about going to church and how important it is. Then we went to the branch house and taught A. She knows the church is true and she likes and accepts the Book of Mormon, but will not get baptized because she has a grudge against the Bishop for something that happened a LONG time ago... So, we are trying to help with that. Then comes the hardest time of the week. English class. Now this is usually the best time of the week, but then this week I had to teach Continuous time to the class. Now for all of you out there who does not know, Hungarian does not have continuous. Does not exist. So teaching them how to use it? Easy. When to use it? Super hard!!!!! I ended that English class with the biggest headache in my life!!! Hahahaha.
Wednesday: Then we met with M, our new 12 year old investigator. She is super cool, and she likes to play basketball!! Her grandma called us and wants us to help her prepare for a test she has for school on the 27th of this month. So we are reviewing English and teaching lots, and then of course, we talk about how we can do this all with God's help. So things are going good with her. Then we took a bus to the middle of nowhere it felt like, to a little village, and met with an investigator who cut our hair for free! She also fed us, and asked us to teach her 7 year old daughter a lesson or two before he baptism which is scheduled in October. So we tried, and once more. Teaching small children is hard. So instead, we started acting out Book of Mormon stories out of the Book of Mormon picture book! Ha, that was exhausting.
Thursday: Met with a super cool inactive family. But it turns out they are inactive because they are super sick and it is hard for them to come to church. Well, they fed us on surprise and we talked about them and their conversion and offered to give them priesthood blessings. We will call them today sometime and set up for when we can go back and do that. Then we met with A, and that was way intense. It is super frustrating, when you think something is so clear and that the person would understand it, and then they say no. Ugh!!! But, we push on and try new things and try to follow the Spirit who knows what to say and when.
Friday: We had district meeting and I taught about how important it is to work with your companion and get to know him, and his heart. Then we went on splits with the Zone Leaders. I was lucky enough to go with the Elder Hansen from St. George Utah. He is super cool and he goes home in November. He has a lot of experience and it was nice to be in a car driving around the city with AC:) Then we tracted, and during tracting we had a lot more success than like ever!!! It was so cool! 2 let ins and 3 people said to come back like all in a couple hours!! Miracle!!!!:) Then we went out to dinner that night with the other elders too and that was fun. Then Elder Hansen and I went home and got to know each other better at night.
Saturday: We split back, and then Watson and I went to teach the H family again. Went, just mom and the daughter were there, and so we started. It was also another frustrating lesson. I felt like we were trying our best to make it clear, and it was to us, but she could not connect. The member we brought also tried and the woman could not grasp the concept. But then, the member said the closing prayer, and at the end, when we all looked up, she was in tears. The woman. And that is when she turned to us and said, "now that touched my heart." It was sooo powerful. One prayer. The prayer was not like all powerful. But a prayer, a simple prayer, brought the Spirit in and that is what touched her heart. We also met with an old lady on the street who told us to try a "sister" that lives in a big house. So... we got there, and the house was a roman catholic boarding house. And the "sister", we found out when we knocked, was a nun. So, we had a super good and fun conversation with a nun for a while:) Turns out, we are going back there again to talk more about our beliefs and the Book of Mormon. Score:)

So, that was basically my week. It was super fun and super powerful. I know that the Book of Mormon can change lives. All we have to do it give the person the chance to read it. I know that the year is coming to an end, but my challenge to all of you right now, is to give away a Book of Mormon to someone, by Christmas. I would love to hear what happens. And also, giving the missionaries referrals are sooooo useful and good! You can ask the missionaries to try the person that comes to your head and just have the missionaries go tract over there and not say your name! Like, if the members did this, than missionary work would explode!!!:) I love you all, and I am grateful for your love and prayers.
Nichols Elder

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