Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 35

Hey everybody!!!
     I hope that everything is good as usual:) This is one of the crazy weeks for my family. I know that there is one, Grandma's birthday on the 8th which also happens to be when Chasen comes home from his mission! I hope that all goes well with his flight and that he has a wonderful time coming home to his family. Also, this Sunday will be Mother's day!! Only like my favoritest time of the year because I get to skype my amazing family! I am looking forward to this next week:)
     Monday: We taught M and wow. She asked if I would say the opening prayer and I did. But when I was done you could just feel the Spirit and she thanked me for the prayer. I thought a lot about prayer during and after that lesson. Isn't prayer just amazing? We can all talk to the most powerful being ever and our Father in Heaven through prayer(by the way, they are the same person;). Then all of us elders went to the American Restaurant and ate some American stuff. Ya, it was super good as always:)
     Tuesday: We met with N, and she is super cool. We went to her and her sister's home and they fed us lunch. And it was a super good lunch! We also made pancakes and that was super fun too. Her family and her and super amazing and you can tell that they have grown up in a very spiritual family and that religion is super important to her. We try to talk about the Book of Mormon and how it has helped us and how Christ is still living. I think in time it will come. Professor E is doing super good:) She continues to have questions and she is continuing to come to church. Z is also doing good, ha. When we met with him, he told us that he had just finished watching October General Conference!! Wow, he is interested in the church alright. He continues to improve in the gospel day by day and we see it. 
     Wednesday: We woke up and went to the store to buy some brownie stuff. Ha, yes. Boys can cook brownies;) We took them to Z's friend's house and we ate lunch there and then the brownies after. His group of friends are super nice and now we meet with all of them ha. After this lunch, Z asked us if we could go and give his grandparents a couple of blessings because they were not doing so well. So we went to their place and talked with them a little before the blessings, the Cutler gave one and I did too. When we returned home, I realized that I forgot to return something to Z so we called him and went over to his place. When we got there he also asked for a blessing which I got to give. I could feel the spirit working through me. I love blessings. I love the priesthood. I love being worthy to be able to do these things for others. 
     Thursday: Ha, so today was funny. Cutler had to take a math test to get into school when he gets home this summer. So Z and I helped him prepare and do good on his math test:) (Can I just say that wow, I have forgotten a lot of math!) Then we had English class and played boggle the whole time:) Then we met with Professor E and a member. Can I quickly bear testimony of the importance of members. Wow. One, they can relate to the investigators usually a lot easier. And two, they never fail. Even though sometimes they go off subject or maybe they are not professional teachers, their spirit is there in the program, and it can be felt.
     Friday: For district meeting today we watched a lot of Mormon clips. It really brings in the Spirit, and really makes me think about a lot of things. After leaving district meeting, we met with R. We always meet with him in the park when the weather is good and this last meeting we discussed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The funny thing was, every time we talked about one of the 5 steps in the Gospel, a homeless man would come asking for money from us. 5 different steps, 5 different men. Ha!
     Saturday: We were able to go on another shorter hike with Professor E today. She invited some friends and I got to practice Hungarian for a long time with her. It was super nice to see where she is at and to see what kind of needs she has. I really liked our talk and I hope to now be able to teach to her needs when we meet again. Then we went to Z's and his friend's and they bought pizza for us and ice cream too. We talked about the Book of Mormon and discussed some of what they had been reading. And the great news is they even read together sometimes!
     Sunday: Professor E came to church with us and as we sat there, she told me I should go bear my testimony seeing how it was testimony meeting. So I went up. I can say that I think my Hungarian went out the door! But when I sat down afterwards, I really felt the Spirit. How incredible the Spirit is. And how grateful I am that I was able to point that out to Professor E during church. She stayed for the whole thing too:) Then me and Cutler later that night ended up making waffles because we found a waffle iron from the branch house:) Ha, it was super good!
     This is my week. Another week to grow in the gospel. I am so thankful for this chance to be here. I always am. And my message to you all this week, is He lives. I know that Christ lives. There is no doubt in me. I love you all.

Nichols Elder

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