Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 50

So, crazy right. I am at week 50. I do not really know if I like the sound of that. It is really weird how fast this whole mission thing has flown. I am very happy to say though, that I still have 54 or so more weeks here!!!! I am truly loving it here. This email is going to be a little shorter today, because I have like no time to email. Our p day is actually not today since August 20 is a huge holiday here in Hungary, that will be our P day. So, President gave us an hour today to email. So here I go!
This week has been crazy good! Instead of writing this week out day by day I think I am just going to include some of the most important things that have happened and my thoughts about them. 
First, TN: She is the coolest woman ever. So we started out last week by starting to teach her granddaughter English because she has a big test on the 27th of this month. Well, we are trying to help her get that far. But turns out, the grandmother(Tn) has already read the Book of Mormon. She got it from a couple of missionaries back in the day, but never was interested. She said, when we started coming over again she picked it up again and started reading from it. She said "it sparked something in me, and now I think is my time." So... with both of us(my comp and I), sitting there in awe, we decided to give her a bap date. But here is the funny and cool news. Originally her bap date was for September. Then it got moved all the way to this Saturday! President gave us special permission to do it this Saturday if she is completely ready! So we have been teaching her like crazy and making sure she is getting it and understanding why it is important too. She is progressing really well, but this week is going to be the test. The week right before the baptism. I hope, I pray that she continues to push on through her trials and continue on with this path. Yesterday, we even went and picked her up at her place and walked with her to and from church. So:) She is doing good!
Zone conference!: This was a super good day. We had zone training here in Győr with 4 other cities. They all came here and we met and had a 2 hour meeting. It was super good, and I wanna talk and brag about my companion real quick. Elder Watson is so awesome! He knows when to have fun and when to be reverent and listen to the spirit. In the conference, there were missionaries who were not fully there, but my companion was. And I am super super super grateful for him and his desire and drive to serve the Lord.
Oh, and I forgot! So, with TN. We offered to give her a priesthood blessing because she was hurting really bad one day. And she accepted. Well, Elder Watson anointed and I gave the blessing. After it was all done, she looked up at Elder Watson, and said, "as soon as you first laid your hands on my head, I felt a warm feeling shoot through my body." It was one of the coolest things ever!:) Ya, what a spiritual experience!
So, for the most part, this was my week. It was a lot of hard working in between all of this and stuff. But really you can tell. I have a great companion and I love him to death. And The Lord is blessing us, I do not know why, but He is. And we are super grateful to Him for that.
I love you all. I hope you have a nice week!

Nichols Elder

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