Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 43

So, in small terms. This was one of the greatest weeks I have ever had in my mission. I think that can go without argument. I know that we were being watched over every day, and that everything we did was by the Spirit. Let me start to describe our week.
Monday: We finished emailing, and went to a program after. Well, the program dogged. But this is where it gets interesting. Shoop and I had felt like there was something just not going for us the last couple weeks. We felt like when we got here together, we were working super hard, and now that focus is still there, but harder to do. So, we sat down and opened up to each other for a couple hours. After the two hours, we were ready to hit this last 4 weeks together again with full throttle!!
Tuesday: So to keep the energy going, I started watching the Preach My Gospel dvds again, and really trying to take notes and apply what they were teaching into our daily lives here in Hungary. And how I can use what they did with our investigators. Well, I was stoked. I was so happy to get out there and be the best we could be!!! And then.... we got lost in a small village just outside of Kecskemét for 2.5 hours. In the rain... Ha, but we made the best of it:) The good news is, we were able to go to a member dinner right after that and talk to a family. They were so loving, and the family we visited has 2 boys our age. And the mom suggested to us that we use them as much as possible before their missions:) So, we are definitely going to use them:)
Wednesday: So, one of our investigators has been having a very hard choice in her life. She has been trying to decide between the catholic church and the Mormon church. So, last Sunday she said she wanted to stay catholic. Well we set up with her again and we met with her today. We prayed, and prayed that this would be a good lesson, and that God would touch her heart. After the prayer, you could just feel the Spirit so strong. There was no need to fear again, and everything went well. Then we went home for lunch. At lunch, we had our doorbell ring. It was super weird. So we went and it turned out to be 2 young 20 yr olds. They were selling cologne and they were persistent little girls. They even offered to kiss us as part of the deal! Ha, well, let me just say that they left with a free English class flier and no money;) We also tried meeting with a man we met on the street a week ago. But we were looking for him everywhere in the city square and we were even talking to him on the phone, and we could not find him. Well finally, he says, "Are you in Pest?" And we said no!!!! Ha, the downfall of every city having the same names of streets all over the county....;)
Thursday: We met with I again, and she is doing a lot better. She really wants to find the truth and see which church is the true church. Then we streeted over to our bishop's house for a meeting. On the way over there, we found a couple cool people! One of them, lived in America for a long time and spoke perfect English!!! Like what a miracle!!! Then we got to the Bishop's and he made a mean Rakott Krumpli for us. It was so dang good!! Like the best I have had in this country. Without fail. We talked about the details for the July "2" party that will be happening at the branch house celebrating the July 4th:) At the end of the meeting, we sand a closing hymn. It was, Abide with Me. Wow, talk about the most beautiful accapella song I have ever heard. We sang in parts, and you could really feel the spirit. It was heartfelt.
Friday: Well, it was a super good day with our programs. We taught well and we gave a blessing at the end of the day. It was a normal friday....:) Sorry, that's the truth!!!
Saturday: This day, was the most life changing day in my life. First we started off by going to visit one of our investigators in the hospital. After leaving we went over to A's house and we taught English and learned Hungarian there. We then plugged in the restoration film, and it really set the mood for the rest of the meeting. We then started to talk about it. And as they talked, Shoop and I were constantly just begging in our hearts for the chance for them to feel the Spirit, to know what to say. And then, I spoke. And I tried to bear testimony with all of my heart. And I just remember seeing her, and smiling. I looked and her and could feel this message was hitting her. I knew it, and she did too. We then went and taught F. He is doing super good, and all these different blessings are coming into his life. We then talked about the Book of Mormon, and how many blessings and answers can come from reading it, and marking it. He promised he would:) We then were running late to a program, so we started running, not jogging, running on the street down to the bus stop to catch a bus!!! And then, it hit us. We should stop and say a prayer. So we did. And we decided the call the woman and apologize that we could not make it. And instead we went somewhere else. And we were led to a man, who is one of the coolest men ever. We walked with him to get bread from the store, and then went to the branch house and gave him a chapter to read.
Sunday: We had church and I really felt the spirit from one of the talks. It was all about temple work. Then we met with I again. And she was really in the middle. She wants to know what to do. And We had a serious, but super good program with her. We committed her to read and search for the truth, and promised her she would. Then we came home and when we got home we got a text and it was from the dude Saturday night! He said he was busy with his family and could not come to church, but he read the chapter and loved it and he would love to see us again. I cannot wait to meet with him again! He is sooo cool!!!!:)
So, what made this week so spectacular? Well, the Spirit was there in every lesson. And not just there in the lessons, but with me and my companion the entire week. We could feel it, and we love it. We have found a new love for each other like none before. I am so grateful for him and how he puts up with me. And I am so grateful for God to answering my prayers. I know he answers. He just did.

Nichols Elder

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