Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 38

Hey family and friends!
Here I am, in Kecskemét and I am loving this city and this place. To first start off, I would like to start off by talking about this transfer and who is in it and what is happening. So, I have Elder Shoop as my companion. He is from Washington, and he is a super hard worker. He is 2 groups older than me in the mission and he is a super good guy. Then we have our district leader Elder Robinson. He is the group above me and he is a super good guy too. His comp, Elder Meek who is from Lehi Utah and 2 groups younger than me. So that is super close and cool! And then there is the sisters, Sister Geröly who I have already served with 3 months, and Sister Dinehart. She is the group below me. So we are a super young group. We have a lot of cool people we meet with and it is a hard city to get to know. But, we are surviving:)
Tuesday: Had a small farewell in Pécs before we left to say goodbye to members and people. It was super fun. We took a lot of pictures and said our goodbyes. I will always remember that place. It was one of the best. I know that.
Wednesday: Got on a train with Elder McCurdy to head to Budapest and Professor E came early to meet us there. She gave me 3 sandwiches and some treats. She also gave me a Charlie Brown t shirt and nice card with a stuffed animal pig:) Ha, so that was super nice of her. We then made it after three hours of traveling to the train station and met up with the other missionaries! We went out to lunch and I met Shoop there. He is a super cool guy and I cannot wait to learn more and more from him! We then headed back with our group and got our stuff. When I was there, Elder Raymond came up to me and said, "hey, I do not know why, but I have your package. They wrote my name on it and then I opened it and knew it was not mine." So he gave it to me there and I got all the stuff in it:) We had an hour and a half train ride to Kecskemét and then we ended up having English class that night. We taught the beginners class. Then we went shopping and returned home. By the way, our apartment is so nice!!! Like wow! AC, nice big shower, big kitchen, big rooms, enough space for clothes and stuff. Love it!!!!
Thursday: Well we got right to work. We tracted, streeted, and tabled. We got a lot of numbers and we are really seeing results from the work we put in. The Lord is blessing us. Then we had a correlation meeting that night the ward mission leader and his wife fed us spaghetti and it was super good!:)
Friday: We met with this guy named R. He is super cool. This was his second time meeting with the missionaries and he really has a good spirit. He lives in a very hard situation. He does not have a lot of money because him and his son have health problems and that makes it impossible to work and earn money. So it is a sad situation. We told him we would love to help clean up his place. (So dad, those working skills might come in handy;) Then we met with a super cool member named G. He is doing well and really it felt like he was teaching us! Ha. Then we met with E and her son Z. He is super cool and we teach him English and he is 8 by the way. He is a super cool little kid. Then we met with a member to go out to the middle of no where with him to teach a family. They lived literally alone and on a farm. It was soooo cooool!!! They fed us cherries, we pet the bunnies, played with chickens and goats. It was nice:)
Saturday: Then we met with a guy named R. We can call this one Buff R:) He is a young guy with a wife and a kid and he meets with us to practice his English and learn more about the church. He is super cool, and he goes to the gym. That is why I will call him Buff;)
Sunday: Church starts at 10 here. It is super late but it is still super good. Then today we ran into a few people tracting and had a small conversation with a J-W at their door. It was funny to us anyways. Then out of nowhere, it started pouring rain on us. I could not believe what was happening!!! All well, I guess that is life.

So this has been our experience here. It has poured rain really hard for like an hour a day. And in the mornings, we just sweat all day. So... It is a win-win situation I guess. I do not know ha. Well, the good news is that I am loving this. I know the church is true. I know that when we work super hard, the Lord will help us. I am so grateful for Shoop and his example and attitude about the work. We will be under the Lord's direction. I love it:)
Nichols Elder

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