Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 42

Hey fam and friends!
Well, what do I say about this last week. It was packed with so many experiences haha. I hope that everything at home is going good for you all. I have learned some great lessons this last week! I cannot wait to talk about them in this email:) Well, why wait, let's start!:)
Monday: Well we ended up meeting with L and her mom. It was super funny because half way through the program her boyfriend came in and joined us haha. We are hoping to meet with her again soon and focus the program more on her and try to let her see the importance of this. She is super nice, and she cooked us some delicious baked goods. Like, chocolate cake with strawberries in it. Oh boy, it was SOOOO good:)
Tuesday: We woke up this morning, and some people knocked on our apartment door. It was workers sent from our land lord to do some quick fixes and replaces. So, we ended up talking to the workers, and let us just say, that by the time they left, we had 2 numbers:) Then we worked and stuff. But we went tracting for a little bit, and during tracting this lady kept telling us " I cannot change. God does not love me." Well I was getting sick of talking about this at the door, so... I told her "I am thirsty, can we get some water?" Well, she invited us in...:) Then we had a super good program with her and it actually worked out super good:) Then we went over to one of our investigator's houses and ate there with them and we taught English, they taught Hungarian, and we taught gospel. It was great. "A" said the prayer at the end and wow, the spirit was super strong. I love this little group:)
Wednesday: Well, today was easy but super long. We had Zone Conference in Buda! So, we listened to some of the missionary leaders give trainings and then we heard from President and his wife. It was super good and we learned a ton. I know I personally really felt the spirit when the departing missionaries gave their departing testimonies. It was so strong. It made me realize, the mission is so short. We need to do all that we can now before it goes away. Time is short, we need to work with all of our might.I ended up getting a package from home too! And wow!!!! Like, it was bigger than my Christmas present! It was soooo great!!!! Thank you all so much!! I loved it!:)
Thursday: So today, we had a ton of programs. So we had comp study on a bench in a park. Well, when we got up to leave, a man came up to us. He asked us where the hospital is. We told him we had no idea, but that we are missionaries. He noticed and then we asked if he would like to meet. Number!!! Ha, so that was cool. When we least expected it:) In one of our programs today, I brought some of the candy with me that I got in my package, and shared it with some of the kids whom we teach. And they really were patient and listened and paid attention. They wanted the candy so bad!!! 
Friday: Then we went to B's house and met with him for a short time. Him and his family will be in America on Wednesday and then they will stay a month in Florida because his cousin is getting married there:) So, they are super excited for that! We just told him about the 4th of July and what to expect. Then we had some other good programs. But in one of them, we asked our investigators to create goal for the next 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. Well we did them too. And the first two were easy for me. I am still here in Hungary! But the next two actually took some thought. Ha. 
Saturday: Ok, so the story of the day. So we get picked up by T and he takes us to a small village outside of the city to where a party will be. Well, this party is for one of the kids we teach english to. He just graduated school and his family is throwing a party, with family.... Well somehow we got invited and we were the american guests the whole night. Ha, they let us say the prayers, give a spiritual message and teaching, and then we ate a TON of food! It was kinda awkward at first, but then it got better and better:) I love that group ha. They were super fun!
Sunday: We met with T and talked about marriage and temples. It was a super good conversation with him. He learned a lot, and we think it was needed for his conversion. So... I guess we will meet with him again next week:) Ha
Monday: This morning we went and picked cherries for 2 hours in our proselyting clothes! Ha, it was so much fun though! And we got buckets and buckets of cherries!!! I am so excited to eat them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Well, this was my week. It was fun packed and good. Have a good week everyone. Remember to be bold, and invite ALL to come unto Christ. This message is a happy one, and why would we want to keep it for ourselves!?:) Love you all,
Nichols Elder

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