Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 41

Hello family and friends!
I would like to thank all of you for your birthday wishes. It was super weird being away from home and celebrating my birthday, but it was so worth the experience too:) I guess right now I could start talking about my week? Ya, that would probably be a good idea;)
Wednesday: Now, this day is probably the hardest working day I have put in since I have been on my mission. We had 8 programs planned all around the city and we had to walk to each one. Not only walk, but street people. So we were so worn out at the end of the day. Not to mention it was like 36 Celcius here. So:) To start off, we met with Z. Last week we extended him a bap date and he said he would pray about it and he would like to learn more about what is baptism. So in the lesson, we explained what would happen and what it is. He loved it! We set a date in September and he said, "why not":) So, we are looking forward to that. Then, we went across the city and met with B. Now, his family is super cool. B speaks good English and he is actually an artist. He is very open to religion and stuff. Turns out, that he actually had a dream about us missionaries 2 years before!! We knocked on his door! He asked us multiple times, "how did you find me?" It was so cool to see that miracle and how God can just lead us where we need to go. Eventually we had to get to English class and there I started to feel a little sick. It was the pits. But we got a new investigator from there so that is good. But the downfall is that that night, I got home and ended up having fever and just stomach pains. so....
Thursday: Woke up and Elder Shoop told me to stay in bed. He made me stay in bed for a while. But after a while I woke up again and we went to a couple programs. We met with I, and she was super nice as usual! Ha. Then we met with A, our new investigator from English class, and her boyfriend at an ice cream shop! It was super fun, and they are super nice. We gave them the Book of Mormon and I guess we will see from there!
Friday:We went to district meeting today and turns out that we are going to be having a big 4th of July party here in Kecskemét!!! Just on the 2nd.... And it will be right after English class thrown by the missionaries and the members! I am super excited for this:) Then we went to lunch, and it couldn't have been better! Elder Shoop bought my meal because he said it was my birthday meal. So I was like, ok. Sure. Then we met with an RCLA(Less active) church family, and their kids are so cool! They taught us to play a new Hungarian card game and it was super fun! They said they would come back to church too on Sunday:) Then we hurried to the branch house and met with F:) Now, he speaks super good English and last lesson we really felt the spirit with him. So this time, we wanted to keep it going. Well we started teaching the plan of salvation, and he really loved it!!! You just knew, that he was really getting it. Then at the end of the lesson, he ended up bringing us peaches to eat fresh from his garden:)Then Elder Shoop wanted to go to Spar for some sort of dinner he wanted to buy me. Well, it turns out that he spent like 20$ on the dinner!!! Like what! so... it was a good day I guess;)
Saturday: Wow, so the alarm goes off this morning and I start saying my prayers, and then Elder Shoop starts singing "happy birthday" and brings in a slice of wheat bread with peanut butter and some sprinkles... Ha!!! Super nice guy:) Today we ended up working super hard and it was so worth it! But I think the best part of today, was getting a few phone calls from some of the coolest people. I loved having the oppurtunity to speak with members, friends, other missionaries here in Hungary. Then we went home at night, tired, exhausted and dead. And Shoop and I made hamburgers, with watermelon, LAYS chips, and BBQ sauce:) Oh yeah, we went all out!
Sunday: We went to church and stuff, but the coolest part comes from our find after church. We met with L and her mother G. They are super cool and nice and we had a good lesson with them! We cannot wait to keep meeting with them! Then we returned home to make some "bab leves"(bean soup" for family dinner. Ya.. Well, when we finished, it turned out super good!!!!! Like wow!!! It even had a little "kick" to it! Loved it:)
My week was super good. I am now 19. Wow, that is weird to say. Ha, but once more I would like to thank everyone for my birthday wishes:) I love you all. Thank you for the support you give me. It means a lot.
Nichols Elder (Nix)

(that is what the missionaries and members call me now...;)

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