Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 51

Hey everyone!
So, good news! I am staying with Elder Watson another 4 weeks here in Győr! I am super happy about this call because we both love serving together(or so he says;) and we have a lot more work to do! I hope that the work continues to move forward and that we will continue to complete the Lord's work. I can tell you right now, this last has been a crazy one! So, I will start sharing it with you all!
Monday: So after our little hour of emailing, we went and taught our bap date who is planned for getting baptism on this coming Saturday:) She is doing really good and reading through the Book of Mormon like it is nothing. She is just soaking it up! We are literally her guides on this journey. She is doing all of it! Ha. Then we came to the branch house and met with L. He is a super cool guy who has been meeting with the missionaries for a while. He mostly focuses on English and has already been taught all the lessons multiple times. We went in there and bore super strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and a member helped us out. She bore strong testimony and she really brought in the Spirit. It was so strong in the lesson that you could just feel it, and you could tell that he did too. Then the other elders, the 2 elders from a close by city(on splits with the zone leaders) and our sweet member friend B had a "cheese night!!!" We deep fried cheese and ate it all. Oh man, that was sooo much cheese it was a joke. Ha:)
Tuesday: We held a mini sport day and played some good soccer. It was super fun! So, then we took one of our other member friends to every single one of our programs today. She was a super big help, I mean it does help that she served in Utah as a missionary and totally knows what she is doing in programs. Today, we taught our bap date about the commandments, and she says she drinks coffee 3 times a day! We told her about why it is important to keep the commandments and what kind of blessings we can receive if we do. She said she would try to keep it! She is doing super good and we are looking forward to this Saturday.
Wednesday: We met the other elders and went and played basketball with them and then it turned into a little 1 on 1 with Watson:) Let me just say, he is super good. Ha:) Then we came to the branch house and played a little monopoly:) Ya, I totally was the one to win that game. What can I say, I rock;) Ha, then we ordered a huge pizza and some fruit soups to go with it:) Then we went and walked around the city and talked and got to know each other. And then with the other elders, we went over to one of our investigator's homes and held a talent show, ate a ton of sweets and talked:) It was a super fun day! Oh, and for those who do not know, this is like the biggest Hungarian Holiday. August 20 is a huge deal here, so we had the day off:)
Thursday: So we had programs all over the city! So we did a lot of walking. Then, we saw some tourists and we thought maybe we should help them, but as we were walking Elder Watson just walked straight into a pole!!!!!! It was so funny! He bent the thing right over:) Oh it was priceless. I could not stop laughing for the longest time. Our bap date passed the interview given by the zone leaders, so we are looking like the baptism is going to go through on Saturday. Then we went back to the branch house to hold English class, and while at English class, one of the members came up to me and said, "dude, your bike was stolen!!!" I was like laughing and totally thought he was playing a prank on me. So, I went outside to look and sure enough, the bike lock was snapped with big loppers and left there on the ground and my bike was gone and Elder Watson's remained. So.. The members called the police and I had to wait for like an hour and a half for them to take my info and stuff and ask me a million questions. Then when they finally finished. They said they would call me later to set up a time when I can go into the police station to get interrogated... Lovely... right. Ha:)
Friday: We had district meeting, and then right after since it was Elder Hansen's birthday, we went over to a members and had lunch. So, then we took our 14 year old investigator girl to all of our programs today. Mainly because we were meeting with a lot of youth. So, that went super well. Like really! The lesson we shared on prayer was soooooo good! And she made them all feel welcome to come and participate in activities with us and to do fun stuff with us:) I was super happy about how it turned out:) Then we went to a member's house and talked about missionary work, and then she fed us Hungarian pancakes, with chocolate sauce stuffed in them:)
Saturday: We had the real sport day today, and man it was packed with people!:) After the sport day, we went home and got all ready for the baptism that was going to take place. Ya mom, my baptism pants still fit, somehow;) And so we took a lot of pictures and then started the program. It was super good, and I had the privilege to baptize her. It was super great. We had a super great musical number by Elder Hansen right before we walked into the font. And it really brought in the Spirit. As we were walking to the font, she turned to me and said"I really can feel something in my heart." Then I baptized her, and when she came out, she was shining:) She turned to me and said, " you didn't even get wet!" Hahahaha, it was super good:) Then we ran into a woman who served here 4 years ago, and she and her husband were here on vacation! So they bought us dinner! It was super great to talk to them and stuff:) Then we had a little time to attend the Tom Jones concert in Győr. It was super fun too:)
Sunday: Elder Watson confirmed our baptism and she was shining afterwards and tearing up a little. It was really good. Then I had to translate for our Americans that stayed during the priesthood hour:) It went really good though because the other elders were the ones teaching so it was totally understandable:)
Monday: We made matching shirts at the mall and I will send pics of that soon:) Then we met with a few people. It was super good, but the highlight of the day was when we were in a program with a 24 year old girl, and she said, "See, but you two were born in this church. Is there anyone in this church that is not born into it?" And that is why we brought a member. That member started sharing her story and stuff, and the girl really soaked it up. The strength of members in programs, love it:) Then we went and had all you can eat Chinese since it was our last night of all of us being together. Transfer calls are tomorrow. 
So, that is my week. We got the calls, I already told you the news. These next 4 weeks are going to be great, I can already tell:) I hope that all is going well at home and stuff like that. Miss you all!

Nichols Elder 

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