Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 46

Wow, what a week and what a day. This last week has been one heck of a memory and I am super excited to go into this next transfer:) Let me quickly go over my last week and then talk about what is happening:)
Monday: Right after emailing, Shoop and I went outside and started walking home. Well, out of nowhere Shoop stops and starts talking to this young kid on the bench. He was super nice, and I am so grateful for Shoop and how he felt that impression to talk with this boy. He was super cool and he gave us his number too.
Tuesday: Today we went tabling with all the missionaries here in the city. So in total, we were 6. It was super good! I feel like everyone had some form of number received or good conversation with someone on the street. Then, the other 4 had to leave, and my companion was over on a bench talking with a woman. So I was about to just start talking to people on the street, when I looked over at the bench next to my companion and there was a girl there. She looked lonely, so I went and started talking to her and then we started talking about food, and then Hungary, and then how we hold an English class and how that would interest her:) It was super cool! Then we met with a couple other people, and then that night we went and hung out with A and the crew. Well, since they knew transfers were coming in a week, they threw like a surprise party for us! It was so cool! The food was superb!!! And, here is the best part. They set up a karaoke(outloud singing with mics and all)!!! It was super cool. And so we sang church music and stuff:) It was so much fun! Then we met with T and he wanted to learn how to pray in English and start practicing English more. So, that will be fun:) And he also apologized for not reading what we asked. Well turns out, we asked him to read one chapter a day. He thought we asked him to read all of 1 Nephi!!! So he read like 20 chapters in 7 days!!! Mind Blown!!! It was so cool!
Wednesday: We met with I. This is a different and new I. She is super cool, but the only problem is, she is moving to Austria. She wants to join the church and all, but she already moved. So, we gave her number to the missionaries in Austria.
Thursday: We had weekly planning today, and it was our last one together for this transfer. It was super good and amazing to see how many people we are now meeting with compared to when we first started! Then we went and met with L and her mom. That was a super good program, especially since we watch the Restoration Film. It really does bring the Spirit into lessons, and it did right then and there into that lesson. They asked if they could get a tour of the branch house next time we meet and we told them we could arrange that;)
Friday: We had to travel to zone conference which was held in Szeged. Once in Szeged, we attended the training. It was super good, and we talked about how we can be better at teaching and how we can be better teachers. I really took quite a bit from this training. Then, here is the funny news. On the way home, on the train, Shoop and Meek(the other elder) slept. Well, Robinson and I had some fun and filmed them, took pics, and ya... it was fun:) Then we got back and met with a couple member families. I can really say that my testimony about Joseph Smith has really grown. I know it, and I am so grateful for it. But, me saying this does not mean I am satisfied. I want to learn more, and continue to grow in the gospel and the church.
Saturday: This morning we woke up and went to do service with the ward at a member's home. It was  super good! Turns out this member is famous!! He writes music, paints, and is basically the best singer ever. At his home, we "thrusted in our sickles" and cut and pulled weeds. It was a lot of work, but let me tell you. When there is a Hungarian food reward at the end, we will do anything for it;)  Then we came home as fast as we could and got ready for a baptism. Well, on the bus the other elders sat next to a drunk guy. Turns out, they got his number!!! What!!!! It was so cool. Then we all went to the baptism of an 89 year old man. He is so great. He has a great spirit about him and loves the church. Now, this is where it gets interesting. So after we left, we went streeting. But, I got the impression to go visit I, our investigator. I did not know why, but I felt like we needed to. So we found a nice quiet spot and prayed about it and then felt like we needed to go there. So we did. And we asked her, "why are we here?" She said, "I know why" and then started explaining how she needed help and she was not doing good. It is incredible to see when we listen to the spirit, what can happen:) I testify that is happens. I know it does.
Sunday: Super super super good Sunday:) Felt the spirit strong, and I, the investigator, really liked it!!!!!!:)
Monday: We attended a funeral for one of our investigators father. It was super sad. Everyone wore black and it was a cremation ceremony. But the family is super nice and loving, and they invited us over to a get together after with the family. Well, there we ate food, drank water, and talked with many people. Their family is super cool and we love them to death and are very grateful for their kindness:) This day, I also had one of the most. NO, the MOST intense program ever. The guy was slamming his fists on the table at us and yelling at us. It was rough... But we stayed silent, and waited it out. It was rough ha:)
Tuesday: We woke up and went to the branch house to meet with the other missionaries. We waited for our calls together while playing ping pong and soccer. And turns out, the Elder Shoop is staying here and getting a greenie!!! And me, what is happening with me? I am going Senior with Elder Watson in Győr. I am so excited for this! But at the same time super nervous.... so.... I cannot wait for tomorrow and moving over there. Wahoo!;) Love you all! Manda!! I hope your bday was super good!!!:) Miss you all.

Nichols Elder

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