Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 39

What's up!?:)
So, I am here in Kecskemét, I am loving life too. I am so excited to send this email to you all today because this last week has been super good!:) So, I hope that everything is going good at home and I hope that you are all finding ways to invite others to come unto Christ.
Monday:So after our emailing, we went back to the apartment and we made a huge stew! It was super good and so worth it. While the stew was cooking, we played "spot it", so thank you to my cousins Rylie and Tyson who showed me this game:)
Tuesday: So we met with this man named Z. He is super cool. He speaks English like a champ and he is retired. He lives in one of the largest Hungarian homes I have seen too ha. But he is super humble. It was a remarkable experience. We had not met with him before that, and really had no idea what to expect for the lesson. But when we got there, after much prayer and thought, we honestly still had no idea what to say. But, it just happened! He brought up his reading in Moroni 10 and what a great way to start off! So we went with it, and through following the spirit, extended a bap date and he is currently praying about it. I pray he finds that it is a good time, and that the time to act on our faith is now; immediately. Then we wanted to go look up an old gma who we tracted into the week before. But turns out, I may have led us to the wrong building...;) But we got in and stuff and Shoop said we should tract it anyways. So we did. Oh how happy I am that we were led there in a weird way. It really is a miracle, and we are so grateful! Oh, did I not tell you what happened? ok, here it is:) So, we are knocking on doors with rejection after rejection. We get to this door and it is my turn to do the talking, and I hear the TV on. Well, I also heard "Jesus Christ" in Hungarian of course, from the TV. So I told Shoop, "oh, this is so mine;)" Well, she answered, and asked if we would like to come in. We went in and taught her the Restoration. The Spirit was so strong with us in the lesson, and she told us that she had just got back from living abroad and that she is a different religion, and was looking for something more! We all decided it was not mistake we found her. It was not mistake we met her. I know it. I am so grateful for this miracle. Her name is I by the way:) Then, after we thought nothing better could happen, it did again! We get lost again in the city, and we ask a young dude for help. Well, he turns out walking and talking with us and our religion. Super cool kid and spoke good English. He was interested:) So we started out #PopinRockin (pop in visits to members)(we came up with the name;) and it worked out super good too.
Wednesday: So today not a lot happened. We streeted like all day, talking to as many people as we could. Then we find ourselves at a street. And it is super sketchy. But we start walking over there and we meet this old gma. She tells us to get off the street because people there will mug us and stuff. But we started talking about the gospel with her. And she turned out to be super cool and have faith in Christ. She just lives in a super hard situation.
Thursday: Streeted like all day again, and today was Shoop's year mark!!:) Wahoo!!!!
Friday: Went to district meeting and really felt the spirit. It was incredible and I could not believe how good it was. It was Elder Robinsons first ever and he really came prepared. He is a fantastic District Leader. We ended up having to leave a few minutes early to go meet with I again. At that lesson, once more, I cannot tell you how much our Heavenly Father is watching over his work. She tells us that she found us on youtube! I got super nervous for what would come next. So she shows us, and guess what pops up. "Quentin L. Cook" and it was some Mormon message. She loves them too!!! Wow, what a blessing!!!:):)
Saturday: We streeted into a gma today, and she was so loving and sweet. She told us her name and told us that we would meet again. Now, Shoop and I did not know if that was going to be in this life or the next, but I cannot wait:)
Sunday: So, to keep the story short. Today was a great day. We met with a few people, really felt the spirit and really felt God's love for us. In the end of the week, we counted how many working hours we had. The normal is 25, and 35 is spectacular. We got 44. I cannot tell you how tired I am. How much my body hurts and aches. We would grab a little bread for lunch and work through it. But. But. I know that when we put in the work and show the Lord we want to do this with all of our hearts, then He will bless us and watch over us. I love this transfer tons already. I did not write that number, "44" to brag. But to prove a point, that when we work hard, results come. When we exercise our faith, blessings come.
I love you all. I hope you all know that Christ loves you. So much. He wants to help us, just ask and ye shall receive. I know it, I promise it, and I testify of it.

Nichols Elder

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